Saturday, September 15, 2007

Saturday Afternoon

Is it Saturday already?! Another busy week has flown by. When I was a little girl I thought I'd never become an adult, and now the time just flies by. It makes me a little sad, and at the same time makes me realize more and more just how important each hour of each day is.

We are plugging along here in our little corner of the woods. The weather this week has been fantastic! We had a couple of hot days, actually, and the sun has shone brightly each day. Wes and the kids and I have been getting in some exercise in the form of biking. Now. As a 42-year-old woman who hasn't biked in probably 20 years or so, I want to know how I used to ride a bike all day long, up hills even, and never even get tired? We go up itty bitty hills now and I'm sucking wind like nobody's business. It's horrible . . . and probably comical for anyone watching! ;) Andrew and Beth take off and leave us in the dust. But we will persevere! Just don't expect any cross-country biking expeditions from me for a couple more years yet.

We talked to Sam exactly twice this week. That boy is busy, and he doesn't even have a job yet! He has put in dozens of applications and followed up on many of them, but no one has called him in for an interview yet. We're beginning to wonder if it has something to do with his having a Canadian address, even though he is still a US citizen. If you think of it, please pray for Sam to find a job. He is paying his own way through college, so this is a major need!

Sam is loving his classes thus far. He is taking eight classes and is doing well in them. He has a couple of projects in the works, one of which is writing a complete adult Sunday school program for Practical Theology. I like this class. By the time he finishes college, he will have his own notebook of the various elements of pastoring a church from this class (I'm not sure if it's every semester or one semester per year), as each semester he takes will have a similar project related to the practical aspects of pastoring. I was telling my mother-in-law about it, and she said a class like that would have been a tremendous help to them before they started their ministry as missionaries in Jamaica. I'm glad Sam is getting this practical learning as well as all the theological studies he'll be doing - another thing I've learned and like about WCBC.

School is going well for Andrew and Beth too. They are studying consistently and making good grades. Beth says her favorite subject this year is Math . . . and that scares her! LOL She's never liked math before, and I guess she just can't believe she likes it this year. Andrew has no favorite subjects. He is only going to school because that is his job at this point in life! ;) But he is working diligently, so I don't have a problem with his not liking it, mean old mom that I am. He is really beginning to think about his future, the kind of job he wants, where he wants to go to college, all that stuff. We don't insist that all of our children be in full-time Christian ministry, although that would please us; all we desire is that they know that their choice of career is exactly what God wants them to do. So this phase of Andrew's life is becoming interesting, as we see his natural talents and interests begin to fashion him for his lifelong career.

My schedule has been working well - when I've been working it! ;) I'm not extremely self-disciplined, so there are days that I don't cooperate with myself very well. I have seen a couple of areas I need to tweak, which is fine. A schedule is my servant; I am not my schedule's servant. I want a workable one so that I can accomplish all that I need to to bless my husband, family, church family, and home. Notice that I don't particularly want to please myself. My constant battle is to die to self and live for others and God.

Well, I've said a lot of nothing! There isn't much going on that is newsworthy, but I wanted to say hello for the weekend and wish you a happy, blessed weekend!


  1. Oh my goodness, I'm so with you on the bike situation! LOL My neighborhood isn't very flat, and I'm amazed at how even the slightest incline can be so laborious to ride up!

  2. Hi Susan ~ I love your updates! Glad school is going well. Yes, I'll pray that Sam can get a job; I know that would be encouraging for him and for you.

    I can sympathize with you on th bike! Same here - I'm the slowpoke on the tail end!

  3. Oh man I sympathize with the job search Susan! I know that God provided every year, even though I did have to wait one year until the next semester to take my finals. I feel for him. Can't he put the college as his address?

  4. I used to be able to stand up on the peddles when I rode a bike and now I can't...
    I'm glad Sam is doing well at school and I pray for him to find a job...
    I know how important that is for him..

  5. It was nice to hear about your week! At least you are getting good exercise on your bike! :)

  6. I posted to this...but somehow blogger didn't let it go through..aaaARGH...anyways you are much braver than me...I am a wimp in this area right now.


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