Monday, September 17, 2007

My Favorite Day of the Week!

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: Monday is my favorite day of the week! It comes right after Sunday, which is the day when I take a long, guilt-free nap in the afternoon, and then relax on Sunday evening after church. We're home by 7:00, which gives me a good three hours of chillin' out before time for bed. Last night I ended up with a stomach ache after we ate, so I took a warm bath before bed to try to ease it just a bit. I slept so good! I can't say that I woke up with a spring in my step, because I've never in my life gotten up with a spring in my step! LOL I don't like to get up. But once I got up and got my day started, I was feelin' good and I got a lot of things done, including a bit of extra laundry.

For dinner today I fixed one of my husband's favorites, Cheeseburger Buns. I don't fix this recipe very often, because it takes some planning to make the yeast rolls and roll them out and assemble them with the meat and cheese with just the right timing to have them done at just the right time. I even groaned when I looked at my menu plan for today and saw those buns on there! But I knew Wes would enjoy them, so I quickly figured out what time I'd need to start the dough in order for the buns to be done at our dinner time, which is 2:00. Wes took one bite and said, "Mmmm, these are so good! I don't know why you don't make them more often!" To which I saucily replied, "Because they take half the day to make them!" It really feels like they do, but when I thought back over the steps, the step that took the longest actually only took about 20 minutes. So I will try to make them more often and exercise my planning abilities. If you want to get better at something, you have to practice it, right?! ;)

There is a couples' retreat coming up in October, sponsored by one of our sister churches in the Vancouver area. They have been hosting this retreat for quite a few years, and it's something that Wes and I enjoy attending. For the past couple of years, we've been trying to get our church couples to go with us, but for one reason or another, they never could. This year, though, we have two couples going with us, and I'm so pleased! We are praying for a good time, which is very minor compared to the great blessing we believe this time can be for all of us - that's our major prayer for this retreat!

With fall coming around, my thoughts have begun turning to the fall and winter months at church. A couple of new things we're wanting to do are hosting a Family Gym Night in a neighborhood school once a month, with games and refreshments and a devotion, beginning a youth ensemble. We have exactly four teens, so that's how many will be in our ensemble! LOL I'd also like to have a special Christmas children's party as an outreach into the community, and last year we began what I hope will be an annual Ladies' Christmas Brunch around the first of December. Our church's third anniversary is coming up in February. I know that seems far away, but when you're planning a big celebration, it isn't long at all. Wes has already contacted a preacher to come in for our special day and reserved our rooms for extra time that day. We thought summer was busy, but then we started looking forward to winter and realized we'll be just as busy! I do get tired from time to time, but I love having so much to do. It keeps life exciting and keeps the purpose before our eyes of reaching out to those around us with the Gospel, as well as ministering to those we already have in our church.

It was a bit chilly in the house last night, so Wes ignited our gas fireplace for the first time. I have wanted a fireplace for years, and now I have one! I loved it! It knocks the chill off the room enough to keep from running the furnace, and it's beautiful. If you use your imagination, you can see the "flames" licking up the wood and hear it crackling away! ;) It's a small thing, but just another special thing the Lord has given me. I plan to enjoy it quite often this winter!


  1. Thank you for sharing that recipe. My husband would probably like that, too. I'm sure it blessed your beloved that you took the time to make them. ;o) I know all about looking at the menu and grumbling... I confess it is something I need to work on.
    What a blessing y'all have so many activities coming up. We get tired sometimes, too, but it sure is worth it serving the Lord.
    Enjoy your fireplace. It sure sounds cozy. We had one when we lived in South Carolina (though we didn't have to use it often) and I do miss it. I'm sure it is a blessing you will enjoy as often as you get to use it.

    Have a wonderful week ~

  2. OHHH, another great recipe:)

    Susan, I said the same thing on my blog about Mondays too...LOL:)


  3. Monday is my favorite day of the week too!

  4. I can feel the warmth and hear the fire crackling... you are right it is very cozy... I think I'll just get a good book and curl up in front of the warm cozy fire...

  5. mrsmahall@msn.com4:00 AM

    oh, Susan! I wish I could use my fireplace, too. However, it was 82 F at 8:00 p.m. last night here in Texas. I am so looking forward to some chilly weather (anyone say 60 F) LOL. The days are few when we can use our fireplace so I enjoy it when I can.

  6. It's fun to hear about your congregation and the things you have coming up. I'm glad you have a fireplace! They are so cozy.

  7. Sounds like your fall and winter church calander is beginning to fill up!! Sounds like some wonderful times of good Christian fellowship and learning.

    I'm quite envious of your fireplace. ;) We've always wanted one too. Maybe we'll have one day. Enjoy yours...I know you will.


  8. Sounfs like alot of fun activities coming up......I am going to a ladies conference in two weeks...and then there is another one at anothe different IFB church in Novemember....looking forward to it...but would sure love a couples retreat.

  9. You should try the frozen bread dough. It comes in loaves or rolls. I thaw it covered in the fridge and roll it out to make similar recipes. It tastes just as homemade without quite as much fuss.

  10. Christina, somehow it amazed me that you sometimes groan over your menu! You are always so positive and cheerful, that I think you don't ever have the grumbles! ;)

    Julieann and Julie, we must be the only people on earth who like Monday! My kids don't like it because it's the start of another school week! ;)

    Mimi, curling up with a blanket and a book is my favorite thing to do in the evening. You'll have to come join me sometime! ;)

    Oh, Michelle, I can't imagine using a fireplace in FW until maybe a couple of days in January! LOL It was pretty chilly here yesterday, about 55 and rainy, but we didn't turn on the fireplace till evening.

    Heather, it's hard to imagine our little bitty congregation so busy. I'm glad the Lord has given us people who don't mind being busy! :)

    Kristi, they have those electric ones now, that are just for "atmosphere". I looked into one of those and they're several hundred dollars! LOL They sure are pretty, though.

    Deby, I know there is a ladies' meeting sometime after the first of the year down in your area, I think. We used to get an invitation to it. If I get the chance, I'll be down to whatever I can take the time for, so maybe we'll meet somewhere along the way!

    Sarah, that is a good idea! I never even think to buy the frozen dough.

  11. Cheeseburger Buns! My DH would LOVE those. I think I may have to try them next week.

    Thanks for the recipe.


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