Wednesday, September 19, 2007

It's Been a Day

That's about all I can say for today: it's been a day. Kind of like when you see a new baby for the first time, and it's not exactly a pretty baby, but babies are sweet, so you have to say something. Wes's favorite thing to say is, "Yep, that's a baby!" ;) Well. Today's been a day.

It actually started right after we went to bed last night. We didn't turn out the light till 11:00. We both were pretty sleepy, so we snuggled up and drifted off to sleep . . . until 11:30. That's when our neighbors decided to go outside to talk. And laugh. And smoke. And it all came right in our window, two stories up. So we stirred around, they quieted a bit . . . and then came back outside to talk and laugh and smoke again. And again. The last time I looked at the clock was about 1:45. I think they finally went in and stayed in around 2:00. All night long, I kept listening for them again, and expecting Wes to get up and yell out the window. He is not nice when he's yelling out the window at 2 A.M. He's loud, and he doesn't say please. I know, because he had to do that a couple of weeks ago when the same neighbors were outside talking, laughing, and smoking at 2 A.M. Last night't repeat performance made for a restless night.

We got up at our usual 6:15 and 6:30 - after 4 1/2 hours of uninterrupted sleep - and my brain was so rumpled up that I didn't feel all that rested. So I entered my day doing the same things I always do, except more on auto-pilot than really thinking about what I was doing. I didn't start a load of laundry, because Andrew had a dentist's appointment at 8:45, and I didn't see the need to leave it sitting in the washer or dryer till I got back. Breakfast was on the dot at 8:00, though! And we had our family devotions done by about 8:25, which left me plenty of time to get to the dentist, a little five-minute jog down the road. Except Beth needed something graded before I left, because I'd forgotten to grade it yesterday (see how my day is unraveling before it even got started?). By the time I brushed my own teeth and walked out the door, it's a little past 8:30 - still plenty of time. We could walk there in less than 15 minutes, and we were driving.

But 8:30 is rush hour in our little valley. And to get to the main road, which you can see from our living room windows, you have to go several blocks around and come back by the house to go the direction we needed to go - because there is a traffic island where our road comes out, and you can't turn left there. Anyway, we waited through at least two cycles of two different traffic lights before we got out of the congested traffic area, and made it to the dentist's office with two minutes to spare. My rumpledness is not getting any better.

I came home to find Beth close to tears and Wes frustrated because she has lost a paper on her computer that he can't retrieve. She did work hard on that paper, and now it's gone and he can't retrieve it for her (trust me, he knows how, and it is gone). In his frustration, he wasn't very compassionate. I think he said something to the effect of, "So you can do it over." Not what a girl wants to hear when she's worked hard the first time. So now I'm rumpled up with him for not being more understanding.

Then I graded another paper and it wasn't what I'd hoped, and I'm rumpled up with another family member. I raised my voice, more than just a scooch. I mean, I took this class in high school and didn't have this problem, so what was his problem? Isn't that horrible?! All my new-school-year ambition of patience and understanding out the window before the first month is over!

Then Wes had an appointment at 2:15 - our dinner time - so dinner had to either be earlier or later. I was going to make a dessert that had oats in it, but discovered that I didn't have any oats. I'm telling you, it was just one thing after another! LOL I've told you enough that you can see that a pastor's family is . . . just like any other family! We have our rumply days too. And this pastor's wife doesn't respond to them very well, many times. As I've looked back over this day, I don't know why in the world things seemed so magnified that I had to get upset over them. I'm glad that I can claim Jeremiah's promise when he was weeping over Israel:

"It is of the Lord's mercies that we are not consumed, because his compassions
fail not. They are new every morning: great is thy

Lamentations 3:22,23

If it's been a bad day, give it to the Lord. Pour out your tired, aggravated, frustrated heart to Him; His compassions fail not. He knows . . . and He loves you anyway! ;) Hopefully tonight will bring restful sleep, and tomorrow is a brand new day, with new mercy in it for whatever it may bring. Great is His faithfulness!


  1. Thanks for sharing about your bad day. It was encouraging to me, even though it was discouraging for you to go through it. It is helpful for me to know that others are going through difficult days as it helps me to see that my troubles aren't so out of the ordinary.
    I do hope you get some sleep tonight --i would be very annoyed at the neighbors! We have the opposite problem as last year one neighbor got up early and so we couldn't make much noise outside after 8:30 p.m.

  2. Hope you can get a good night's sleep! I'm finding more and more how much sleep, or lack of it, affects my mentality.

  3. I hope tonight is more restful for you too! Thanks for sharing about your day - it really is encouraging to hear that others (especially pastor's families) face the same struggles.

  4. I hope that your tomorrow is better and that the neighbors find somewhere else to smoke.
    am inviting you to join in a little drawing over at my blog if you'd like to.

  5. Awww we have all had days like that.~Not fun :(

    Praying you had a great evening of rest, and that today will be better for you!

  6. Oh my! A trying day indeed. On days like that, I'll have to admit, I'm not so lovable or Chirstlike either.

    Praise God for Jeremiah's reminder of God's love and mercy for us EVERY day-- in good times & in bad!
    Without God's word, we wouldn't stand a chance.

  7. Praise the Lord that His mercies are new every day. :) Unfortunately, we still live in this old sinful flesh. Don't you wish you could just crawl back under the covers and stay there all day? Praying that today is a better day.
    Mrs. C

  8. Hi Susan,
    Oh no you mean pastors families aren't perfect? LOL It is so refreshing to see real people. I remember being a young pastor's wife and the pressure I felt to be perfect. I think we mellow as we get older. I pray you have a better day today.

  9. Susan..Susan...Susan.....PRaying that today has gone much better..
    This too shall pass.

  10. Ooohh, Susan ~ What a day, indeed! But...seeing as I read your "A Better Day" post right after I read this one, I know you came out on the other side without a scratch! LOL! Yes, I know about everything-going-wrong-that-can-go-wrong days and can identify! But praise be to God who gives us the victory! Glad all is well.

  11. I just want to cry after reading this post as I have already had a couple of bad days of homeschool and know what these kind of *bad* days leave in their wake. God is so good though. Praying for you.


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