Saturday, September 08, 2007

Happy Saturday!

Ahh, the weekend! A busy time for us, but a different kind of busy than through the week. School hummed along this week without too much trouble. I had scheduled 30 minute blocks for each of the kids, to help them with any trouble they're having, check up on projects, etc., but so far they don't need a full 30 minutes between them, so I'm finding some holes in my schedule that I need to fill. I don't have to look very far to find something to fill them, either! LOL

Sam called us on Thursday afternoon and said the phone in his room was working now, and we could call him if we wanted to. The boy has a lot to learn. And I think he kind of wanted us to call him! So we called back down there and talked for about 45 minutes. He sounds great. Classes are going well so far. He has lots of reading and a couple of projects due by the end of the semester. He still hasn't found a job, yet. Please make that a matter of prayer, should the Lord bring him to your mind.

We had a youth activity at our house last night. Other than our two teens, we only have two others in our church, and one of them was out of town for the weekend. So we had the one boy over, and we played games, ate some hoagies and ice cream, and then I crashed on the couch while the rest of them played another game. I was wiped out! I'm a little embarassed that I fell asleep while we had company over, but he is like family so maybe he didn't mind. He has been learning about WCBC from Sam and meeting some of the college students at camp and through the summer, so he had lots of questions to ask. We're excited to see the Lord working in his life!

This morning we went to this same boy's house to meet his grandmother, visiting from Switzerland. His mother grew up in Switzerland and moved to Canada about 30 years ago, where she met her husband and they have raised their family here. It had been quite a while since his grandmother had been able to come over, so they are really glad to see her, and Wes and I were pleased to meet her. She returns to Switzerland tomorrow.

Now Wes is studying and I need to get my Sunday school lesson finished up for tomorrow. Have a great weekend, and enjoy your church services tomorrow!


  1. When my oldest went to college he commented on the amount of reading -- much more than they'd had in high school.

    Sounds like everyone is adjusting well!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Susan,
    I came to see you by way of the Deputy Domain... I enjoy your blog and I am very intrigued by the episode of taking your son to school and the way you handled the car trouble etc etc...
    I hope you don't mind my visiting... you are welcome to visit me at listentogrammie

  3. Barbara, Sam said there is an enormous amount of reading. He's taking OT Survey this semester, so that right there is reading the entire OT. He said he figured it out to be about 10 chapters per day. He has another book that event he teacher admitted was pretty deep, and he has to make a chart from that one as he reads. He likes choir best - just go in and sing - and it's his last class each day!

    Mimi, I am thrilled to have you reading here. I've been so busy that I didn't even think to come by your blog, but I will do that right now! Thank you for coming by - I always enjoy your comments!

  4. We had a 'humming' week of school also!

  5. Glad that you got to call him, that helps doesn't it.

  6. Hi Susan,
    Thanks for your encouragement.I feel better today.


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