Thursday, September 20, 2007

A Better Day

The day after a bad day is almost always a better one, isn't it?! :) We both slept very well last night. I don't think we even heard a peep out of the neighbors at all. In fact, we didn't hear anything. Andrew and Beth asked this morning if we heard the smoke detector go off last night - which is right outside our bedroom door - and neither of us had. Andrew got up and made sure nothing was on fire, thankfully before waking us with the news that something must be on fire when it wasn't. We slept right through it!

Anyway, today went better. I got my grocery shopping and errands done this morning. My laundry and other routine housekeeping chores have worked out to where I can have Thursday mornings free of any major cleaning, so I can get to the store in the morning and be home in plenty of time to cook dinner. Today we had Doritos Casserole, which my husband absolutely loves - I think he loves it so much because it's so bad for you! LOL It's cheesy and Dorito-y and really quite tasty. I had some ranch-style beans, corn, and a salad to go with it, and we ended the meal with tiny pieces of applesauce cake that I made yesterday in place of the dessert that needed oats. The reason they were tiny is because we're trying to watch our portion sizes in order to lose some weight, and the recipe called for 48 servings from a 15x10-inch pan - tiny little squares of cake! We are having some success with this method (I'll be a little more inclined to share my success the longer it lasts!), and I'm finding that small portions are quite satisfying. As in, better than having none at all! ;)

I saw the cutest sight at the grocery store this morning. Our store is similar in design to a Wal Mart Supercenter, so it has more than just groceries. As I was walking past the sporting goods aisle, I heard a man's voice saying, "Ahh, this is sweet!" As I looked down the aisle, I saw only the man and his little baby, who was sitting in a stroller. I'd guess the little guy was about 10 months old. The dad had a hockey stick in his hand, moving it along the aisle like he was hitting a puck, and he was saying to his little boy, "This is a hockey stick! See? A hockey stick!" LOL Yet another generation passing on the great pastime of Canada! ;)

Wes bought me some strawberries yesterday, but this morning they were showing signs of going bad already, so I decided to make a recipe of No-Sugar-Needed Strawberry Jam from the Splenda website. With a few strawberries added from the freezer, I had just enough for four little pints. Here they sit, cooling on my counter:

And that's how my day went today. I hope yours was good as well!


  1. That's cute about the hockey-playing stroller child. :) Glad you had a good day and better sleep.

  2. Sounds like an improvement from the day before!

  3. The jam looks yummy.

    The hocky stick story is indeed cute.

    Thanks for the recipe.

    And I'm so glad your day went better today than yesterday.


  4. My husband's favorite dinners are the ones that are bad for you...LOL. Your jam looks so yummy. I am so sorry your night before was like that---I had noisy neighbors before--it is not fun!! I am so glad today went better--YAY:)


  5. Ah, it's amazing what a good night's sleep will do for you! Good to hear that you had a better day.

  6. So glad you had a better day!

    I could just imagine the daddy falling in love with the hockey stick in front of his child. Sweet story!

    We do all have those "rumpled" days, (first time I've ever read or used that word!) I grew up in a pastor's home, so I know pastors and theirs wives are very human; but not their children. Pastor's chidlren are nothing but ANGELS!! LOL Just ask yours!

  7. Your jam looks beautiful!

  8. (Chuckling over Pam's comment!) :o)

    Susan ~ I enjoyed reading about your good day and your bad day (though I am sorry you had a bad day). It's amazing what a really good night's sleep will do to improve one's quality of life! Your little ruby jars of jam looks delicious.


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