Monday, August 27, 2007

Update on the Car

When I updated this morning, I told you that we would have the car back this afternoon and leave tomorrow on schedule - our schedule. The Lord's schedule is apparently different than ours, though, because the part needed for the repair won't be in till Wednesday morning! So we are here in Lancaster till at sometime Wednesday, as far as we know right now. Plans have changed, but all is not lost. We get one more day with our son (even though he'll be busy with registration for part of the day tomorrow. We get to go to church again tomorrow night. The college is having an opening week revival, with Bro. R. B. Ouelette preaching, whom we enjoy. So although plans have changed, there are some good points. We changed reservations for tomorrow night with no problem, which is a plus, too.

I will say that emotions are running high right now. Wes and I are both wound up tight, and Samuel is struggling with fatigue and a nervous tummy. I was all emotionally prepared to say goodbye to Sam tonight, but now that's put off for another day. But this is life. Things happen, troubles pop up - and we deal with them and move on. We'll look back on this week one day and laugh, just like we do about the vacation we had in 1994, when literally everything went wrong that could go wrong. It's now hilarious, but it wasn't then!

We appreciate your prayers - please continue should you think of us. I'll update again when I can.


  1. I'll be praying for you. I'm sorry about the car trouble -- I remember it seemed like nearly every long trip in my childhood we had car trouble, and it was so frustrating.

  2. What a wonderful attitude, Susan. So often I have all the wrong ones first -- frustration, dismay, anger -- and have to remind myself that God is in control and take the whole thing by faith. How much better to do that in the beginning!

  3. Just keep telling yourself that this will all be funnier when enough time has passed to put it in perspective.. and... you don't know what God was protecting you from on the highway by keeping you there a few more days.
    Of course you do seem to be taking it all in stride very well (I'm not so sure I would be able to take it as well as you are?

  4. Susan,

    I'm so sorry y'all have been having car troubles. It's never fun to have them but it's even worse when they occur while being out of town.

    I must say that I'm wishing I could be there listening to Bro. R. B. Ouelette preach!--He's one of our favorites. (o:

    Because of Christ,

  5. I am praying, Susan... without a doubt God is allowing this delay for a purpose. Our times are in His hands! Praying for Samuel too as he takes this gigantic step in his life.

  6. More prayers just said for you & your family. Glad you have somwehre to stay & family around. I can relate as last week the battery to the car died. At least I was at home & not out when it happened so I am thankful for that. May God be with you at this time...

  7. Anonymous5:35 AM

    Praying for you Susan! Enjoy one more day there with your son!


  8. I love to hear RB Ouelette. He's a great preacher. He writes good poetry too!

    I'll pray for you!!


  9. Awe, seems like an emotional time for sure. I hope things are well now...and your goodbye went just as well as the planned one.

    R.B. Oulette will be at our church here in TN preaching a charge to one of our missionaries going to Israel. Our missionary used to go to his church and is also where he met his wife...

    I have never heard him but am looking forward to it.


  10. I've been praying for you all--and I thought of you today when Zach and I were in Palmdale (about 20 minutes from Lancaster Baptist) for his fiddle lesson. I'll keep praying till you make it home! : )

  11. Can't wait to hear that you are home......we had 3 from our church going to the same young man is a freshman too....
    Praying for you and all the emotions that go with this stage of life.


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