Thursday, August 09, 2007

Three Years!

Skyscrapers at the Waterfront, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada by Panoramic Images
Skyscrapers at the Waterfront, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Three years ago today we became residents of Canada! I simply can't believe our first three years are gone already! Our visas officially expired yesterday. The papers in our passports say to renew them 30 days before they expire, but we sent in the paperwork 60 days before the expiry date . . . and you guessed it! We still don't have our new visas in hand! Wes has called Canada Immigrations twice, and we even went to the border to try and get them done there, on the spot. What we've been told is that we have implied status, and as long as we have the receipt from applying for our visas and continue to only do what we originally moved here for (my husband to pastor), we should have no problem getting into or out of the country when we need to. Which is a relief, because we leave in less than two weeks to take Samuel to college, and we really would like to get back into Canada when we come home! LOL

I feel like we've reached a milestone. Our first visas were for three years, and we've met that point now. We've applied for three more years, and during that time we plan to become landed immigrants. That will give us permanent status in Canada, as long as we aren't out of country for more than six months out of twelve. We still love living here, and we're still excited about what the Lord is doing in the lives of our church family. We sure do love them, and we praise the Lord for sending us here to work for Him with each person He's lead our way. My prayer is that our people will continue to grow and that we will see more and more come to the Lord over the next three years. There is nothing - nothing - like being and knowing that you're in the center of the Lord's will!


  1. Wow, that *is* quite a milestone. Reading about your journey has been a blessing. God is so good. We certainly love and appreciate our are such a blessing. Thank you for all you do to win souls and disciple them. Have a blessed "anniversary" :)-Heather

  2. Vancouver is so beautiful!

  3. that is very interesting. hope things continue to work out well for you!have a really nice weekend!

  4. There is nothing - nothing - like being and knowing that you're in the center of the Lord's will!

    Amen! Not sure which post to comment under - lol, so I chose this one. Praying your paperwork arrives before you have to go out of the country. It is nice to have that sort of thing in hand at the borders!

    It sounds like you had a wonderful time at camp. So glad things went well. Congratulations on your blogging award and your blogging gift ~ an abundance of goodness. :o) I enjoyed your homeschool post. It's lots of fun to see how and why others got started and how they go about it.

    Hugs to you my friend.

  5. Wow! Has it been three years already? I'm so glad God send you and your family this way. You are fun to talk to.

    I remember helping your church delivering John and Romans just like it was yesterday. That was fun and good exercised.

    Hope you get your visas soon.


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