Thursday, August 23, 2007

Sonoma Valley

Hello from sunny California! We're spending the day in Sonoma Valley, in the town of Windsor, California. It's beautiful down here, and we have internet access, which is making certain members of the Hutchens family very happy. Like all of them! ;) It's much hotter than we're used to up in Vancouver; yesterday, driving in, it was over 100 for a little while, and in the upper 90's most of the day. Sam and Andrew were in Sam's car, which has no AC, and they were miserably hot. But after two days of driving, we're at least in CA (although Lancaster is still 6 hours away) and enjoying some relaxing time. I didn't hurry through my shower this morning, and I plan to have a bubble bath this evening, and I've been sitting on the balcony of our little apartment every chance I've had. Some friends of ours in North Vancouver gave us some of their points from a time-share that they own, so we are enjoying a nice two-bedroom apartment for yesterday and today. We'll leave tomorrow for Lancaster.

We have driven through a great variety of scenery the past two days. Most of it has thrilled me with its beauty, but I still have a hard time thinking of the scrubby hills in southern Oregon and far northern California as beautiful! LOL Coming into California, we passed Mt. Shasta and went over Lake Shasta. The lake was a beautiful color - kind of an azure blue/green, but it was very low. We left Interstate 5 and took CA Hwy. 20 early in the afternoon, and crossed those scrubby hills I mentioned above. I didn't expect to like them, but as we got up into them they had a lot more beauty to them. Then we went through some greener land - the land of vineyards and wineries - and over some more mountains into the Sonoma Valley. The last mountain was a bit of a surprise. We just suddenly found ourselves winding up this mountain road, twisting and turning, and then descending into the valley - we never saw the mountains from a distance - they were just there and we went up! LOL As I look around us here in the valley, I can see mountains all around in the distance. The ones to the west are all that lie between us and the Pacific Ocean, about 30 miles away. We are considering going to the coast today, but still not sure. We're torn between wanting to see the sights (such as San Francisco, an hour away) and sticking around here and just soaking up the quiet and sunshine. I've only taken a few pictures, but as I take more, if I have a way to download them, I'll share them with you. We are enjoying ourselves tremendously! I hope you're having a great week too!


  1. Enjoy California! Unless you're really wanting to rest, I would highly recommend seeing San Fransisco. It is such a beautiful city! Suggested destinations: Lombard Street, Coit Tower, Golden Gate Bridge, and Pier 39. I enjoyed visiting Coit Tower so much because you can see the city all the way around. (Unless, of course, it is foggy).

    Whatever you do, enjoy your stay in California! =)

  2. I passed on to you the Nice Matters award today. :-)

  3. I would be soaking up the quiet and sunshine... but that's just me! So glad you had a chance to have internet access so you could blog a bit en route. Praying for you all!

  4. You are not far from my old stompin grounds in Sonoma County. I spent my teen years in Cloverdale. If you ever get a chance, and don't get carsick, don't miss the redwood trees above San Francisco. There's no place like it. I also lived in Redding. It grows on you after a while-cowboy country!

    Have fun!

  5. Oh, that's right!1 Your son is going to WCBC.........I had forgotten all about that. I know you're going to miss him, but I know you're pleased that he's doing the Lord's will for his life.
    Enjoy ya'll's tour of CA!!

  6. I'm glad that the travelling has gone well so far. Oh!! You are only a couple of hours away. How I'd love to "hi". Perhaps, one day!

    Those scrubby hills, the brown ones? Those are what give the golden state its name!

  7. Enjoy you time, it sounds great. I love driving by Mt Shasta, we just did that drive too. Very beautiful!!

    God Bless

  8. sounds like you are having a wonderful time seeing the beauties of Gods earth...

  9. sounds like you are having a wonderful time. have fun. safe travels.


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