Monday, August 27, 2007

Real Quick

Hey! We're in Lancaster, having a great time. Sam is moving into his dorm room today, and he's pretty pumped up. We thoroughly enjoyed the services yesterday. Pastor and Mrs. Chappell invited all the families with first-time students to their home after the service last night; we thought that was very gracious of them. This church and Bible college make sure that people are welcome, and the Bible college students become family while they are here. We met so many people yesterday who assured us that our boy would be well cared for. That means a lot to us. I am very impressed with the spirit, atmosphere, and attitude of the entire church. I've seen several things that I feel will be valuable to our son in his training for the ministry, such as the philosophy of servant leadership among the staff. They live it, not just preach and teach it. I'm excited for Samuel. I believe he'll do well here.

We've had some minor car trouble, so if you would, please pray about that. We should have everything fixed by 5 this afternoon. It's hard to have a quiet spirit when there's so much going on at once, but the Lord is very real in His assurance that He is indeed in control. Lord willing, we're leaving tomorrow morning, stopping in Sacramento and Portland on the way home. We hope to be home late on Thursday.


  1. Sounds like you're having a great time.

    I like the new pic!

  2. We will pray for things to go well with your car and that the trip home will be uneventful. So good that you've been able to be there, to see with your own eyes that this school is a good fit for your boy. God is so good to give these times of reassurance!

  3. I pray that your car will make the trip home with no more trouble...I also pray for your son as he is away from home studying for the ministry..

  4. Susan ~ glad you are having a good time. I'll pray that your car gets fixed and all goes well on the trip home.

  5. Susan,
    Do you remember the pastor I told you about down here that used to be a Missionary to Mexico? Well, he could have been at that dinner the other night, as one of his sons is starting school at this school(I'm pretty sure it's the same one). Their last name in Turnbough, and their son's name is Joshua. I'd love to know if you met them.

  6. Susan! You sound just like my mom did when they took me there nine years ago! All the girls were in Gibbs hall (The little one!) It is true. They have something very special there when it comes to servant leadership. The focus is on the heart-I learned a lot for sure!

    That was an encouragement to hear. Whenever I go down (up?) there I am always struck by how different every thing looks. It's nice to hear from someone else that the important things haven't changed a bit!

  7. Prayers just said for you and your family & son & car. May God be with you all...


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