Saturday, August 11, 2007

I Just Remembered!

I was on my way to bed, getting ready to shut down my computer, when I remembered that we are back in our rooms at the rec centre tomorrow! I forgot to tell you that this week. The strike here in North Vancouver District is over, but not in the City of Vancouver. Things are a little messy down in the city; trash pickup is still on strike. People are putting trash anywhere and everywhere. It's not pretty! But anyway, I'm glad that we have our rooms back and we're able to get back to normal. Thanks for your prayers!


  1. Pew wee! I think I smell the trash all the way down here in Fla.

  2. so glad to hear that!

  3. Praise God the rec center is open! And *ewww* to the old, stinky trash!

  4. Susan, I am sorry the trash is on strike--that must be so icky. It was also really neat to read your meme:)


  5. I'm glad you'll be back at "home." I'm sure your people are too.

    We went through a city workers strike when we lived in Frankfurt and it was BAD. Like you said, trash was anywhere and everywhere. When the strike was over, the very next morning when Bruce left for work, the city was spotless. We were shocked. They had to have worked all night. LOL


  6. That is great news about getting the rec centre back! We also meet in a rec centre, and I sometimes wonder what would happen if something similar occurred here. Thank the Lord you are able to have "normal" services again!

  7. This is great news (about being back in the rec center--not the trash situation)! : )

  8. Hi Susan,
    I came to your blog by way of Jodi (deputy domain) sounds like you have had quite a time of it with the trash strike... glad you are home again... I also think you are interesting (even if shy)..
    I will visit again

  9. So glad you were able to get back into the rec centre. We got home Mon from our trip to Mikes sisters in Ohio. On the way back home Sun, we stopped by a nice IFB church in Woodstock, VA. The service was really good... :)


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