Saturday, August 11, 2007

Eight Things Meme

I've been tagged by several people here lately for the Eight Things About Me Meme. I don't know if I can think of eight things about me that you don't already know without boring you to tears! Let's see, Julieann tagged me a long time ago; more recently it was Barbara H; and I think the most recent was Jess. Sorry to take so long, ladies, and I hope I don't have to do one of each of you - because it's hard to think these things up!

1. I am really very shy, deep down. Hard to believe, I know! The Lord has really worked on me to help me get over the sheer terror of walking up to someone and introducing myself.

2. I have lots of moles. A disgusting amount, really. I watch them all the time to make sure they're not changing.

3. I'm a Messie. I've always struggled with keeping things clean, neat, and organized. I love FlyLady! Yes, even with all those e-mail reminders! There is such a thing as e-mail folders and delete buttons!

4. I am not afraid to use a public restroom. That is becoming a rare trait these days. How do I brave it? I wash my hands. We spent almost 3 years traveling all over the US, and if I had been afraid of public restrooms, I would have been in sad shape and very uncomfortable - we had one trip that lasted 3 months! I feel like being rude and saying, "Get a grip, people!" But I'll be nice! ;)

5. I never went to college. I have a dream of doing so someday. And I have to say my Dad was right. He said if I didn't go when I had the chance, I probably never would. That was about 23 years ago!

6. I'm afraid to kill a bug or spider if there is someone who can kill it for me. If I am the only one seemingly capable of killing said creature, I can and will do it. I very heroically killed a spider in our cabin at camp last week, while 7 13-yo girls screamed behind me.

7. If I get hot during the night, I simply stick my foot out from under the covers. Then when it gets cold, I put it back under next to Wes's leg! ;)

8. I can sleep through my husband's snoring. I have attained mild heroic status among the handful of men who have had the experience of sharing a room with my husband. And yet I always heard the babies cry in the next room!


  1. I stick my foot back and forth under the covers through the night, too. :)

    I am very shy as well. The Lord has helped me with it but it's not something that has been removed completely.

    I'm the same way with bugs. We have a lot in common! :-)

  2. Susan, congratulations on the Nice Matters Award. You deserve it!!

    But...I think someone should come up with an award for you for #8 on your list. Anyone who can sleep through a husband's snoring has my vote! LOL!

    I was very shy growing up and into my 20s. Everyone wondered how in the world I'd ever get married. Now they can't believe I'm the same person! LOL!!!


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