Monday, August 20, 2007

Almost Time

We're busy, busy today, doing laundry and packing up everything to go on vacation. We're all pretty excited and ready to take some down time and relax. I have a couple more loads of laundry to finish, mop the floors, and clean out the fridge (don't you hate coming home to science experiments in the fridge?). Sam also needs to call his grandparents before we take off! LOL I have plans to read and craft on the long, leisurely (I hope) days. Somehow I picked up reading the Anne of Green Gables series. I don't know how I got back into it, but I'm enjoying reading it from an adult perspective. I want to work some more on Wes's eagle (yes I'm still "working" on that!), finish another cross stitch, and maybe do a little crochet. I won't make any promises, though. I'm horrible at starting projects, as you can tell, with every intention of finishing them in a timely manner, just to tuck them away "for just a bit". Wes just laughs when I start anything new now! ;)

We had a good day at church yesterday. Our vacationing members are trickling back in after a busy summer (and now we'll be gone!). I had two young visitors for my Sunday school class yesterday, plus my faithful pre-schooler who comes every week. I'll get my grade-schooler back next week. One of our ladies has agreed to take my class for the next two weeks, so I don't have to worry about getting a lesson ready the week we get back, for which I am very grateful. A couple of our men are taking the lead this Sunday (yay!) - and things are just working out well for our absence. Will they need us anymore? ;) Seriously, we are so thrilled to see our men taking the lead to help out when their pastor is out of town; I know it pleases Wes to no end to have them offer to take care of things and/or be willing to fill in where he asks. Faithfulness!

Samuel preached for us last night. He did a great job. He really is comfortable in front of people - which is nice, since he's going to be a preacher. He preached on attitudes, and made his mama reflect upon her own attitudes and how to correct them. I think he's a little bit scared, starting off on a new season of life, but at the same time very excited. I can sure understand that!

We'll be staying in hotels all along the way, but I don't know how often I'll have internet access. I'll drop in and post if/when I can. I hope you all have a great couple of weeks as summer ends and school begins and life gets back into that yearly routine!


  1. Susan have a great time. How neat to hear your own son preach!

  2. Have a great vacation... what a blessing to hear your son preach... of course you probably didn't hear much of it as you were so nervous for him.. and every pause you were afraid that he was forgetting or loosing his place in his notes...or were you?
    Perhaps this is old hat to you...

  3. I hope you have a lovely vacation!

  4. Oh, Susan, I've been thinking about and praying for you. I'm so glad for your that Sam preached his last Sunday before leaving. May the Lord bless you with traveling mercies and a sweet family time. May the Lord help Samuel as he adjusts to his new situation, and may the Lord comfort your family as you adjust to Sam being gone. Just a big ole hug coming from one Momma to another! Take care.

  5. Have a great time and I'll be thinking about you and praying for you! : )

  6. have a good time. The Anne books are so much fun to read.

  7. Hope you have a great vacation!

    I'd love to read the Anne books again.

    It's so neat to have people be willing and able to step in while you all are gone.

  8. Susan.....On your way back up....maybe we could meet off of the *5*...for lunch.....even just for an hour....lmk...if this would work.....we haev 3 from our church going to the same young man us a junior and one senior...

  9. I know it thrills you and your husband that some of the men in your church have been groomed to fill the gap when they're needed. That's missions. That's discipleship!

    I also know it thrills you to hear your baby boy preach. What a blessing that must be to your

    Have a wonderful time on vacation...we'll be watching for posts.


  10. Have a good trip! Sounds like your son will make a good preacher. Prayer just said for you all...

  11. Hi, everyone! I'll try to answer all your comments here . . .

    Chrissy - it's so good to see you! I have enjoyed your blog!

    Mimi - It was great to hear my son preach, and I expect him to get better and better as he studies for the ministry. It's not exactly old hat to me, but he's had opportunities to preach a few times before. I always listen so closely to my boys - I want to make sure we've taught them well! LOL

    Heather, Mishel, Rita, and Julie - thanks for your prayers and good wishes for our trip!

    Jodi - what a blessing your are to my heart! Thank you for your sweet words and the hug!

    Gardengoose and Barbara - I read almost one whole book while we were riding on Tuesday, and started another last night. I wasn't much in the mood for reading by then, though - I was just tired.

    Deby - I'm not sure when or where we'll be stopping on our way back through. We do have to stop in Lynnwood to pick up some things we ordered there. Let me talk to Wes and get back to you!

    Kristi - it does indeed thrill us to have men (and ladies for teaching) to handle things for us while we're away!

    Cheryl - thank you for your prayers!


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