Wednesday, July 11, 2007

While Our Supper Bakes

I have a pan of Parmesan Chicken in the oven for Andrew's choice of birthday dinner. He finally told me he'd like brownies and ice cream for a special sweet, so a pan of brownies sits on the counter cooling. If you could say anything is cooling today! So I have about 30 minutes free before I need to get the rest of the meal ready, and I thought I'd tell you about my doctor visit yesterday.

I called my doctor's office yesterday morning, only to learn that he had no appointments available until next week, so the receptionist suggested that I go to the walk-in clinic that opens at 3:00. So that's what I did. After sitting for at least an hour, I was finally called into an examining room . . . only to wait another 15 or 20 minutes. And who should walk in but my very own doctor! This was good and this was bad. Good, because he knows me fairly well by now. Bad . . . because he knows me fairly well by now! LOL I haven't been the most compliant patient when it comes to taking this medication and watching what I eat. But he forgave and graciously gave me a new prescription and explained that there are no other drugs available for me at this point that won't cause weight gain. I'm just going to have to be vigilant with my eating habits and diligent in my exercise habits (or lack thereof).

The whole dose of this medicine sends my blood sugar plummeting within two hours of taking it, so I had been taking just 1/2 the dose, once a day. When I'm being good, this works just fine, without my feeling like death warmed over every afternoon from a low episode. The doctor said I can continue with the 1/2 dose, and since my bloodwork is due next Friday, he wants to see me in two weeks, with records in hand showing that the 1/2 dose is indeed working. He's also going to give me a referral to a diabetes educator at that time. He couldn't do that yesterday because my records were upstairs in his office.

Wes and I both saw the humor in my going to a walk-in clinic, after I've been a horrible patient, thinking I'd get by with not seeing my own doctor for another two weeks, when I can hopefully get myself fairly well straightened out. But no! The Lord saw to it that I ate plenty of humble pie as I explained just how long it's been since my last dose of medicine, why my sugars are over 200 all the time, and why I've gained so much weight - aside from the medicine's side effects. It wasn't comfortable, I can tell you that.

I am feeling better already. Yesterday I felt fantastic, even though my sugar was still a little too high. Today I have felt much better. When I checked my blood sugar before lunch, per the doctor's instructions, it was 5.8 (104 in US terms), within the "best" target range. I can't tell you how much more clearly I can think today!

I haven't been very active today, past about 11 this morning. It is very hot here today, the hottest day of the year so far; in fact, the hottest July day here ever. Please don't laugh when I say it was 92 on my back porch this afternoon! We aren't used to this type of heat anymore! Thankfully there is a breeze stirring, even though it's a warm one, and it does cool down fairly well at night. So most of the afternoon has been spent reading blogs, talking to a friend on the phone, and talking with Wes upstairs in front of a fan. We're going to eat our supper outside in the carport that is too small for our car, so we set up our patio table in it. Shade and a breeze should make for an enjoyable meal.


  1. Well I am so glad you got to see your doctor. And that is an excellent number for before a meal, good job! I know that the medication is awful when it makes your sugars fall so fast, but you'll figure it all out soon. Maybe keeping a journal of the things your eating, your medication and your exercise will help you, and prove to the doctor that you serious now! Have a wonderful night, celebrating Andrew's Birthday!

  2. Tonja9:10 PM

    Please take care of yourself, after all if your down who will take care of everyone else! :o)
    I know that it is hard to see my husband struggle with his diabetes so I just said a prayer for you too.


  3. So sorry to hear you haven't been feeling well. I do remember you leaving a comment for me that you aren't a MODEL patient!! TskTsk! I am trying hard to eat right. I finally programmed my little blood sucker thingy. My sugars have ranged form 119, 167, 123 over the past 3 days. I know what you mean by feeling like death and having to make yourself keep plodding on! God bless you sweetie. Get that under control and take your medicines!!

    I see you have a 16 year old in your home! What a handsome young man he is too.

  4. Too bad the humble pie couldn't have been cooling at the walk in clinic, huh? HEHE...just kidding.

    You said Andrew "...finally told me he'd like brownies and ice cream for a special treat..." Hannah's the same way. I have to make her sit down with me and literally plan her birthday dinner. She's just not a particular child when it comes to those things and I'm the type that likes it all planned out a month in advance. LOL

    Glad you're feeling better. I hope you can get in to the diabetes specialist soon. They have great ideas and ways to really help you keep everything under control.


  5. Despite the fact that it made me giggle, I think it's wonderful that you got to see your own doctor!!! God went before you there, didn't He? I'm praying that you'll be able to take your meds and follow the recommended regimen! Take good care of yourself!

  6. Oh dear! Please get well.Praying for you.

  7. Hi Susan,
    I had to go to the dr today too. I hate going to the doctor. I ate some humble pie too. LOL I tought of you.

  8. Praying that all gets straigtened out...Right now I am reading a book "The Low-Blood Sugar HAndbook"...boy are our bodies complex machines....who BUT God could have made them

  9. I'm glad you are feeling better Susan. I believe God has a sense of humor too. He certainly knows how to keep His children on the straight and narrow, doesn't He?
    I've eaten humble pie many times myself. ;-)

  10. Thanks for all your prayers and encouragement. I am feeling so much better already. It's amazing how much we can minister to each other when most of us have never even met!

  11. Anne P5:13 AM

    Susan - praying for you and your sugars. As a fellow diabetic, I understand your pain. Please email me - I have some information that may be of help -


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