Sunday, July 08, 2007

Sunday in Review - July 8, 2007

Today we were back up from last week, but no visitors, so we weren't all the way back up to around 30, like we have been lately. We still had a sweet spirit in the services - numbers aren't everything! My Sunday school class has gone back down to two people now, because one of my students is now a teenager and his parents want him to be in the service. I think that's a good decision, although I did lose one of my Sunday school students. Another "loss" I'm facing over the next six weeks is that this same family left tonight for an extended trip to visit family in The Philippines! They will be back, but we'll sure miss them at church during the time they're gone.

Tonight's service was good, too. Wes picked up our study in I Peter again, and as usual, it was an excellent message. This week's sermon covered verses 14-16 concerning holy living. We had our monthly birthday celebration afterward, during which I learned that our Filipino members have eaten - and enjoyed - frog. Not just frog legs, but frog, the whole thing. They boil it, like you would chicken, then peel the skin back . . . these frogs are found in the rice paddies in The Philippines, but not so much anymore due to the use of pesticides in fertilizers. It's not everyday I learn about such an unusual dish! ;) They also enjoy duck eggs, with the baby duck still inside. One of the children likes to say, "Look, Mama! Here's the head!" as she gulps it down. Oh my! Well . . . the most daring thing I've tried since we got here is sushi, and that was the veggie kind! LOL I have also had calamari, which wasn't that bad.

As you can see, we learn all sorts of things at church! ;) Hope you had a good day and have a great week!


  1. Don't you wonder sometimes what we might eat and love that other cultures would find very, well,...strange? I shudder when I read your post, but it does make me wonder about some of the things we eat! LOL

  2. Well... I have to say it isn't bad! Frog that is. But I would rather eat the mexican Chicken Salad of yours!

  3. Susan, I bet you are just the nicest teacher--I bet the children just love you. I agree with the comment above, I would much rather eat your Mexican Chicken salad then the frog:)


  4. Cheryl, I said something similar to that last night. Every culture, around the world, has their own things that are delicious to them that the rest of the world thinks is horrible! LOL

    Rita, I figured you'd had frog somewhere along the way! ;) I think I'd prefer the chicken salad too - although the ladies last night said frog tastes like chicken, so I guess we could do Mexican Frog Salad???

    Julieann, I don't know how nice the kids would say I am! LOL I am a bit too much of a stick-in-the-mud. They love Andrew, who gets right down on their level and plays along with them. Thank you for the sweet thought!


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