Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Sunday in Review - July 1, 2007

This past Sunday was a holiday, so as expected, our group was a little lower in number this week. We went from having 9 children in Sunday school to having NO children in Sunday school! I was blessed to sit in the main service this week and hear my honey preach, and it was excellent! He had been telling me Sunday morning that he didn't feel that the sermon was going to amount to much, but let me tell you, when he says that, I've begun to look for a really good sermon to come from it. It seems to work like that for all preachers! ;)

We invited everyone over to our house again for Sunday evening, but everyone had other plans for the day. So we had one teenager over for the entire day. He came over about 30 minutes after we got home from church Sunday morning and stayed till about 9:00 that night. He and Andrew are good friends, and this boy is growing in the Lord by leaps and bounds, so I'm glad we were able to "adopt" him for the day. The kids played games all afternoon, and then we watched the Sunday evening service from Lancaster Baptist Church, where Samuel will be attending college. I just realized Sunday afternoon that I can watch their service on Wednesday nights too, since we have our midweek service on Thursday! I will especially enjoy that when I know that my son is sitting in that same service! ;)

Our missionary friends, Stu and Donna, ended up staying over till today because of a cancellation over the weekend, so we have enjoyed their continued company. They're leaving today to go to the Tacoma, WA area for a couple of weeks. We sure will miss them! Beth and I are having baby withdrawal! Stu and Donna were able to get into 3 different churches on Sunday, due to one church having special afternoon services because they couldn't get into their rec centre all day. They set up tents in the park and actually had 3 different services. I haven't heard any reports about their day, but I know that this was a big day for them, with much preparation. I pray they see some fruit from it! Stu also helped in a VBS yesterday morning - he does balloon animals to draw the kids, then presents the Gospel and gives away his creations - and their girls got to participate in VBS yesterday too. Busy times in our neck of the woods!

So that's how our weekend went. I'll post another entry telling about our Canada Day picnic on Saturday.

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  1. How wonderful that Samuel will be going to West Coast!! This is the college that Ashleigh mentions in her courtship post. She attended music camp there during her high school years.

    How exciting for Samuel! : )


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