Saturday, July 21, 2007

Strike News

The latest news on the strike is that it officially starts Monday morning. No trash pickup, rec centres closed, city road work ceased, city cleanup ceased. I looked at the library website, and it doesn't mention anything about any closures because of the strike. What all this means for our church is that, after Monday, for an indefinite period of time, we will be meeting at our house. This is after we have just distributed about 3,000 fliers to homes in an area we've barely touched before! The fliers clearly say we meet at the Delbrook Rec Centre, with the address. Wes said he'll either put a sign on the doors we enter or have someone go over and direct folks to our home if they happen to show up at the rec centre. We are praying for a quick resolution to the strike. If you are so inclined, you can read all about the strike, its causes and ramifications, here.

Today we had a church-wide literature disbribution with a cookout afterward at our house. We had about 12 people to help us today, and we're still enjoying the Barnabas Team from WCBC. Today is their last day with us. Last night we took them out to eat and then bowling. I hadn't been bowling in a long time, so it was great fun for me, whether anyone else had fun or not! ;)

This week has been busy and full. Andrew and Beth leave for camp Monday morning as junior counselors, and Wes and I have some plans for a couple of the days they're gone. The other three days I plan to play with some more sewing and just relax! I got Beth's skorts completed yesterday; she just has to sew the buttons on one of them. Week after next is teen camp, where Beth and Andrew will be actual campers, and Wes and I will be workers. I've been asked to be a counselor for a cabin of girls. That scares me to death! I was shy and backward as a teen, so I never really fit in with those my age. I was so glad to grow up! LOL Long story short, I'm so scared that anything I'm able to do for the Lord that week will be entirely in His strength. I feel totally inadequate to work with teens. As I typed that, I was ashamed to think of how much of the Lord's service I do with the attitude of "I can do this; I'm comfortable and capable of this!" Time to have a heart-to-heart with the Lord, I see!

I have answered comments from the past two posts. I am so not good at answering comments, but I'm trying to get better at it. I enjoy hearing from you all, and I don't take any comment lightly, even just a howdy. Thanks for reading! Have a great weekend!


  1. Hope you have a good time and get a blessing! I'll be in prayer about the strike too!

  2. Sorry about the strike. I hope it ends soon.
    I know you can handle working at camp even if it is with teen girls. Of cource since I only raised boys and my granddaughters have been know to get me very upset I am not export.

  3. Hi Susan,

    Thanks for your note on the blog. I'm sorry about the rec building. I'll be thinking of you with the church meeting in your home! We've considered that ourselves, but our neighbors would have a fit! i can't wait to hear about the week at camp!



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