Tuesday, July 10, 2007

A Special Day

Today was a special day at our house - Andrew's 16th Birthday! We aren't celebrating until tomorrow, as Andrew and a friend spent the day at the local amusement park. We'll have his favorite meal tomorrow, although he still hasn't told me what kind of cake he'd like. He's not a big sweet eater, though, so he may just ask for something like ice cream instead. We'll see!

Anyway, I wanted to tell you about our boy. He's quite a character, to start with. He loves to tease and joke, and I don't know anyone with such a quick wit. He comes up with zingers so fast it makes my head swim, and we all end up laughing whether we want to or not! Ever since he was a baby, if Andrew is not smiling, I know he's sick or something is wrong. He used to whistle all the time, then it was singing at the top of his lungs, making up words as he went. As a little boy, he was into everything cowboys; he had a big ol' black cowboy hat when he was barely big enough to wear it, and he had a vest with a badge, a Texas-sized belt buckle, and cowboy boots. His favorite toys were guns (with holsters, of course) and horses.

Nowadays Andrew loves most anything to do with the computer, and in recent months has begun to show some talent for graphic design. He's also a good singer, and he is one of our ushers at church. His current dream is to get his learner's permit - Dad's still meditating on that one! ;) Andrew is also gifted when it comes to interacting with children - they love him. He comes into my Sunday school class near the end of each service to play a game with the children, and it's the highlight of the class for them. He gives them silly names and calls them by those names all the time. He makes up Super Andrew Questions for tie breakers, usually a question over something that isn't as well known in the Bible. He still enjoys playing with the younger guys - usually some kind of cowboy-type game - and the younger guys love to see him coming, 'cause he runs around with them all they want to! Even babies love him. He doesn't even have to talk to them to get them to smile! LOL I'm very proud of his ability with kids, maybe because I lack that flexibility that allows a person to connect with kids. I think he would make an excellent teacher.

Andrew always has been and still is my snuggler. When he was born, he snuggled down into my arms like he knew he was finally home. There are times when I have to shake him loose! LOL I'm just glad he's made it to 16 and still isn't ashamed to love on his Mom.

Happy Birthday, Andrew! Your dad and I love you, and we're very proud of the young man you are becoming!


  1. Happy Birthday to Andrew!!! Keep your eyes on Jesus.

  2. Wishing Andrew a very happy birthday!
    Mrs. C

  3. Happy Birthday Andrew!!! I'm sure your dad will let you get that driver's permit soon. ;-)

    He sounds like a wonderful young man who will make a great father one day. I know you must be so proud of him.

  4. Happy Birthday to Andrew! He sounds like a wonderful young man!

    I wanted to let you know I have passed on to you the Blogger Reflection Award. The post about it is here:

  5. Happy birthday to Andrew!!

    Your son sounds like a wonderful young man!

  6. A big Happy Birthday to your happy boy. What a blessing to have a child that can make people chuckle. It is a gift isn't it?

    I do hope that when he gets his drivers license the smiles will all continue. Glad we survived that season of our life. . .chuckling now.

  7. AW! you have a lot to be proud of!

  8. Tonja9:18 PM

    WOW! I can't believe it 16 yrs. old!
    How many years ago was it when he went to church camp for the first time with out you and I got to be the stand in?? Such memories I have of that week. It seemed like I always had a little boy waiting around the corner somewhere for me! Then, whenever there was something at y'alls church and I was there he and Beth would always find me and give me great hugs! Thanks, guys I miss those when I go to Baptist Temple!
    And now, he's 16! Wow! Happy Birthday!!! Andrew!!!!!!!!!!!

    Mrs. Tonja

  9. Happy Birthday, Andrew. Sorry it's late in coming! But I do hope you had a most wonderful day.


  10. Happy birthday to Andrew!

  11. What a handsome young man....Hope that he had a wonderful birthday!

  12. Thank you all for your birthday wishes to Andrew! He has dropped by and read them all. He is a great young man, and his dad did give in and let him get his learner's permit! ;)

    Tonja, he read your comment with a chuckle. Who was that little boy back then? LOL That was his cowboy stage, and he has always attached himself to someone along the way that he just loved to pieces. You were that person! Thanks for loving my boy!


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