Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Late at Night

It's late on Tuesday night as I write this. Well, 10:42. Not terribly late, I guess. It's been a busy two days for me. I've fixed three full meals each day, where we usually just have two full meals and then snack for the evening. Yesterday for lunch I fixed hoagies (or subs, depending on where you live, I guess), chips, and fruit, and we had Egg Noodle Lasagna with salad, corn, and garlic toast for supper. The lasagna makes a crock pot full, and there was not a bite of it left! It's only two extra people, but I keep forgetting they're college guys. Today I made tacos and veggies and dip for lunch, then had 2 9x13 pans of beef potpie, from leftover roast beef on Sunday. I packed it full of vegetables - potatoes, carrots, and peas - and topped it with biscuits. I still have a good part of the second pan left (enough for our dinner tomorrow), but the first one was all gone by the time it went around the table once. I love to cook and I love to feed people and have them enjoy it. It's been fairly easy to do this week, as I've been careful to make things ahead so I don't have to rush around at meal time. The boys aren't coming over tomorrow because they have some work to do for Pastor Conner, so we'll go back to our regular dinner in the middle of the day.

While talking around the dinner table, we've learned much about college life in the boys' dorm. All I can say is . . . it's obvious there's not a mother in there! LOL Nothing wrong, just boy stuff. Just like girl stuff, you know! ;)

I got bogged down on Beth's skort yesterday. I don't know how many times I had to take out one particular seam. That seam ripper is becoming my best friend! One time I actually stopped, looked at the directions, and said, "Lord, I just don't understand how to do this!" After looking some more, then playing around with the fabric, I finally figured it out. I don't do well just looking at directions; I have to do it myself to learn, which gets frustrating when I don't fully understand before I begin to do something - but what else can I do? LOL Tonight I cut out two more skorts and started on one of them. Tomorrow I plan to spend a lot of time sewing, since we won't have the guys over.

I had to take things slowly today. About once a month I have one day that I hit a brick wall, and today was that day. My honey took good care of me, letting me sleep late this morning, and Beth helped me with the housework. I concentrated on getting the meals ready, with another nap after lunch. Tomorrow I should be back to myself again. I'm so grateful that my husband actually sees when I need real rest (and my daughter is learning too). It would be so easy for him to just brush off my fatigue as "in her head", but he is very sweet about it. Of course, I try to be honest and not pull out the tired card unless I truly am in need of rest, so as not to manipulate him or appear to be manipulating him. I don't want to take advantage of him or my children by using weariness as a cop-out! They've learned over the years to expect a "Mama Day" every now and then, and all of them are very patient and loving about it. Our boys are learning to love their future wives by how their Dad treats me. If they are like him, they will make very good husbands!

We have a need we'd like to ask you to pray about. As you know, our church meets in a city recreation centre, where we rent rooms to use for our services and a nursery/Sunday school room. This week, there is a high probability that the Vancouver city workers are going to go on strike. If they do, our rec centre will not be open for us to use for our services. The strike may come as early as Thursday. We won't be able to find out if we have our rooms for Sunday until Saturday! So please pray for everything to run smoothly, maybe that the city workers and their union will come to an agreement and avoid the strike altogether. This will also affect other city services like garbage pickup and library services. What a mess! Strikes are very common here; we're learning to live with it. I'm really not looking forward to not having garbage pickup, though!

I suppose I should go to bed. My brain is getting a little foggier than usual. Have a great day!


  1. I'm praying with you Susan.

  2. Susan,
    Praying that the Lord will make a way for you to have your scheduled services this week.

  3. We will pray also, Susan.

    Also wanted to say -- I think you are doing a marvelous job with your meal planning to feed the college guys. About 10 years ago we had a team of carpentry students from BJU who came for an entire month to help with our church building. It was so much fun planning how to feed them and so much fun watching them enjoy their meals! Different folks took turns feeding the entire team at their homes, and we planned for people to provide food for the team to prepare their own breakfast and lunches at the church building (where they were staying). It was a really great time and the team was very well fed.

    Hope you are feeling more energetic today!

    God bless,

  4. Praying for the strike situation. I seen that on the news at lunch today and was wondering how it would affect you guys. (Our only channel is CBC out of Vancouver)

    I love it that your family has learned to expect a "mama day" every now and then. That is a blessing!


  5. Oh so funny! My husband is a wrestler, and everyone wanted to challenge him his first year there. You could always tell who was wrestling the night before because of the rug burns. I don't believe they allow that in the dorm now, I wonder why? (sarcasm)

    I'll be in prayer about the church building.

  6. I am like that with pattern directions. No matter how much I read them, sometimes it just doesn't make sense until I actually start doing it.

    Cooking like that that often really wears me out. I don't know why. But it is nice to have it enjoyed and appreciated.

    Am praying that a strike is avoided or that the Lord will provide another place to meet -- but hopefully that He'll avert the strike.

  7. Oh Susan...I know those brick wall days...as you might tell by yesterday's post on my blog...I had one of those...my husband is on vacation this week doing household projects...so he is seeing the fatigue in some of the worst ways..and still being so loving and supportive.....
    I will pray for your strike..up there...
    We are having rain here today and actually enjoying it..
    Your meals sound lovely...and the fellowship with other believers, sweet....

  8. You've been a busy, busy girl. What fun to have all those hungry young men to feed! I'll pray for the situation with your meeting facility for this week.

  9. Hi Susan,
    I will pray for you.
    Get your rest. Even Jesus needed rest.

  10. What a blessing to have an understanding family when "mama" needs rest.

    We've had boys in our house much of the week (again) and I so enjoy cooking for them--but boy can they eat!! LOL

    And I will be praying regarding the strike and your services this week.

  11. I hope you are more rested today. I am just like you about the instruction. I have to do it myself. I prefer to see someone do it first but instructions they all look like they are written in Greek to me. I will pray about your situation concerning where you all are meeting for services. God bless. connie from Texas

  12. Hello Susan,

    I found your blog on Eyes of Wonder. I am a new pastor's wife in the midwest USA and am enjoying reading your blog and having someone else who is "in the same boat." I will be praying that things work out for the building this week. We use someone else's building too for our services. Maybe someday we'll have our own! Thanks for sharing your life on your blog.

  13. Sharon and Mrs. C - thank you for your prayers!

    Mrs. T - I have enjoyed doing the planning and working the plans this week. I'm tired today, though!

    Sarah - it will be fun to see what kind of new rules take effect after Sam gets there! ;) Your dh looks like a wrestler!

    Barbara, I have just about reached my limit of cooking once again! I do have fun when it turns out good and everybody eats and eats!

    Jessica and Deby - I usually only have one of those days a month, and Wes has always been great about them. He's a pretty nice guy! ;)

    Cheryl, they have indeed been hungry! I'm used to my boys' eating habits, but then to add two more - lots of food!

    Elizabeth - I have been taking naps the past three afternoons. I can't make it through the day without them this week!

    Mishel - hopefully our boys will remember these mama days and be considerate of their wives someday. They don't even blink an eye at it now!

    Connie - I learn best from watching someone do something along with me - I really need lots of help! LOL

    Heather - I'm glad to welcome you to my blog! I hope I can be an encouragement to you - thanks for coming by!

  14. LOL, I'm from PA, and I get very strange looks if, heaven forbid, I ever call a sub a "hoagie." But that's all we call them where I come from.

    Anyways, praying the strike is resolved soon. We also meet in a rec centre, and I guess that could also potentially happen to us sometime.


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