Monday, July 23, 2007

I'm in Vacation Mode

Today has been a lazy day, the first one in a long time. Andrew and Beth left for camp this morning, Wes driving them down to the camp, and I had the house all to myself. I got started looking at all the prizes offered on the Dog Days of Summer and found myself still looking quite a bit later! ;) I've been on here off and on all day. There are over 300 participants last time I checked, so I can still play over there a little bit, but I have to be good. I went to Wal Mart for a little while, bought some interfacing for some sewing I want to do this week, and came home and cooked supper. And I went to the thrift store, which isn't such a huge thrill because the prices here aren't that great. But I like to go and look anyway. I did find a brand new address book for $1.99. It's in a notebook style, with a cover that is similar to the Mary Engelbreit style, which I love. That's all I've done today. Well, I did do some laundry. But anyway, today was a huge play day, I was a naughty little girl, and tomorrow I have to get back on a more normal routine. I mean, the floor needs to be vacuumed, the tub needs to be cleaned . . . you know, things still pile up even when the kids aren't here! Imagine that! ;) I do have that biggest kid still here, too. Not that he makes big messes. He's just distracting. And then Sam comes home at night.

The city workers' strike is in full force. We have let our downstairs neighbor know that we'll probably be having church above him on Sundays for a while, and he seems ok with that. He is a construction worker, and there is also a lumber workers' strike going on, which affects his job. It could come to the point that he has no work, even though he isn't striking. He's not any happier about all the strikes than we are. I find it amazing that neither Wes nor our tenant are in careers that are holding strikes, but that the strikes are affecting both their jobs. Your actions never affect only yourself.

We did find out a good thing in the midst of the strike. We kept hearing on the news that North Vancouver District garbage collectors were striking. We never heard that NV City garbage workers were on strike. So Wes called the city offices this morning to find out if "district" meant "city". It doesn't. And that's good for us, because we live in the City of North Vancouver, not the District! When we moved here two months ago, we moved literally just inside the city limits. On the map, our lot is the northeasternmost (is that a word?) lot of the city - we are literally the last house in the city in this quadrant! LOL Walk across the street, and you leave the city limits. The District covers all the outer areas of North Vancouver that are outside the city limits. So we still have garbage pickup. It happens on Tuesdays at our house, and we are so grateful for living on the edge! ;)

Tomorrow, in addition to getting my house straightened up again, I have to make a menu and grocery list to get us through till our trip south to take Sam to college. Four weeks from tomorrow we will begin our trip. My first chickie will leave the nest. I should say banty rooster, 'cause he's far from being a little chickie any more, and he probably wouldn't like my calling him a chickie, either. Although he's used to my clucking and preening. All of y'all mamas who've done this before, hold my hand and guide me through this! Anyway (how did I get off on that again?), I want to get some school stuff done tomorrow and start playing with some fabric and patterns. The car is going for a checkup tomorrow (just a quick in-and-out to make sure all is well from the work done a few weeks ago), so I'll have to walk if I want to go somewhere. Which I'm not greatly inclined to do if I have something fun to do at home. And I have to make that menu. Sigh. There's always work to do when the little girl in me wants to play! LOL


  1. It's good to have a play day! I love to shop at the thrift stores, too. We have one I really like, but they go through times where their prices are too much. I still enjoy going, though, if nothing else, for books. At 25 and 50 cents, it's a bargain. God bless!

  2. Your actions never affect only yourself.


    Glad you still have garbage pick-up. It seems like such an insignificant thing until you don't have it!

    Praying for you as you adjust to having one leave the nest. *sigh* My eldest starts his senior year in high school [whenever we decide to start school this fall ;o)]. I find myself crying at odd moments just thinking about it. Hugs to you!


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