Saturday, July 14, 2007

A Good Saturday Morning

Good morning! It's not often that I have a chance to post this early in the morning. The house is still pretty quiet, as Saturday is our sleep-in day. All the other days of the week Wes and I are up by 6:30, and Samuel is up most mornings by 5:00 at the latest, in order to drive the hour to work. This week, it was so hot that the company offered to open the plant at 4:00 in the morning so the day workers could get in a full shift before the worst heat of the day set in. So on Thursday, Sam got up at 2:30 and arrived at work at 4:00. He was home about 2:00 that afternoon. It was nice to have him home so early, but he was worn out completely. He was only able to do that for one day!

Speaking of the heat, Wednesday was the worst day for that. Records were broken everywhere in BC that day as it was the hottest July day on record. It was indeed miserable. We've cooled back down to our normal temps now, and I am one thankful girl!

The Lord really, really picked me up and carried me this week! Last week I was taking things 15 minutes at a time. That helped get me back on track, and I was able to work in my kitchen all week, doing some deep cleaning a la FlyLady. I'm hoping to continue the energetic trend next week. Yesterday, since the weather was a bit cooler, I was able to get the house ready for the weekend, get all the laundry done, and get started on some skorts for Beth to wear for camp. I have one almost completed. I would have gotten more done last night, but I was getting tired, pushing myself to get more done, and I started making too many mistakes. I finally put it away and went to bed. And I slept very well - sleep is sweet when we've worked hard and accomplished much of what we set out to do in the morning!

Well, I do have a few things I want to do today. One is to cut out two more skorts, finish the one from last night, and start on another one. I have a couple of pies to make for tomorrow, one sugar free so that I can have a little bit too. We will be going out door-to-door visiting today at some point, too. I also want to record some music on the keyboard that we use for our services that can play as people come in. Wes suggested that last week when I complained that I didn't even get to speak to some of the ladies that had come because I was at the piano before they came in. My pastor's wife in Ft. Worth and I used to play a series of hymns before the service that she had set up to go in a natural progression from one key to the next, so I'm going to record one track of those today, and maybe another next week. Then I can push the button to play and go fellowship while I play the piano! ;) We have played music before, but had gotten more into the mode of my playing before the service.

I hope you all have a great weekend! Stay cool and safe, and enjoy the Lord's Day tomorrow!


  1. How in Ontario, it is soooooo cold! Well, cold for July anyways. It is rainy today and feels much more like early spring than mid-summer (I think it's maybe around 60-65 degrees!). But of course we can't complain about that!!! I will think of you as you endure the heat....I'm sure our time is coming soon. :)

  2. Melissa, you're having Vancouver weather! I heard today that we're supposed to get some rain next week and be around 21C - let's see, that's about 68F? Maybe that's when you'll get your summer weather!

  3. It's been miserably hot here too....and a little humid today..we have two window air condioners which help thankful for them....
    Have a great Lord's day, Susan


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