Monday, July 16, 2007

Another Busy Week

Happy Monday, my favorite day of the week! We get to start a whole new, fresh week today, and this week will be pretty busy. We're hosting a "Barnabas Team" from West Coast Baptist College, consisting of two young men who are spending the summer in BC getting some on-the-job training in missions. They'll be helping Wes with flier distribution this week, and I'll be feeding them lunch and supper each day. We had them in our services yesterday, and they were each a blessing as they preached last night. With two teenaged boys in the house, one of whom is about to leave for WCBC, we've heard lots of gaming, sports, and college talk. Our guys are enjoying having some new friends around this week. Beth is my right arm this week, too. She knows how I do things, and we are really beginning to work together well - plus she has more common sense than I do, and she often has a better idea to make things work more smoothly! ;) I like having a daughter to work with me!

In my spare time this week I'll be sewing, and in my sparer time I'll be taking care of my family. So blog posts may be a bit sparse. I do have one simmering - and I do mean simmering - about the "Town Hall Meeting" snippets that I saw on Good Morning America today with Presidential candidate John Edwards, a Democrat from North Carolina. I may as well go ahead and say what's on my mind and get it over with so I don't stew over it all week. Mr. Edwards believes that the Head Start Program, which is basically a 4-year-old kindergarten program, gets children too late. He said, "We need to get them much earlier." Excuse me, Mr. Edwards, but who says you can have my children at 2 and 3 years old?! This is the government basically saying, "Average mom of America, you don't know how to properly raise or educate your children. Give them to the government so that we can educate them for you. You really have no training for being a parent or teacher, so let us, the experts, help you." I don't have small children anymore, but someday I hope to have grandchildren, and I'm telling you, I will fight for my children and their children and the right to raise and educate them as we see fit! So. That's what's under my craw this morning. Wes and I are still American citizens, and we feel it's important to know the issues of the upcoming campaigns. But I will probably go insane yelling at the TV and radio and newspaper before it's all over! LOL

Ok. Now I have to go. I have a lot to do this morning. Hopefully I can fit in a post or two this week. Have a great week!


  1. It's so scary that the government wants at children so young -- and so sad that many parents are all too willing for it so they don't have to pay day care while they work. :-(

    Hope you have a great week and get lots done!

  2. You tell it like it is, Sister! They can't have our kids! Mr.Edwards, this is not supposed to be a socialist country.

    I get emotional when they start trying to take the little ones.

  3. Go, Susan, Go! I'm right there with 'ya!

  4. aaaAAARGH.....the goverment..are nuts..let's break apart the home even more....they make me crazy...

    enjoy your week....we have a girl in my church that goes to WBC...and another young man that is starting next year...

  5. I love WBC! Have a wonderful time with them...
    So sad about these little children left in the care of others for most of their lives...the cycle is so sad :(

    Have a great week. Hope you get lots done!

  6. NO! Dont let the government GET them at all!!!
    lancaster supports us as well. Love the college.

  7. I'm right there with you Susan! The liberals want to brainwash the children to be helpless followers of their agendas! I'm so proud that you and Wes stay abreast of the candidates. I'm already spending much time in prayer over the election in '08!

    On a brighter note: Rita's son,Joshua Vernoy, almost attended West Coast until a better sholarship was offered to him right here in Tampa at Flordia Baptist. My son has a dear friend attending there and he absolutely loves it.

  8. I remember the "Be a Barnabas" sermons from Bro. Goestch. Sounds like he put the idea to practical use! Hope you have a great time! How long will they be visiting?

    And don't get me started...My mind just screams at the insanity of Christian people who just go along with having the hearts of their children stolen right out from under them because it makes their life more comfortable. I'm going to bang my head on the wall.

  9. Oh My! I'm glad I didn't hear that comment from Mr. Edwards. I would've been tempted to stew about it too.

    How insane is it to think that our government can actually properly educate the children of America. Let's see..... what else is our government doing superbly?

    Our government had 12 years to try and brainwash me and they sure made a very strong attempt. They do NOT need to start earlier.

    Ok---- I guess I can calm down and start breathing now. This is a subject I get kind of worked up about:)

    Take Care,


  10. WCBC, hm? :o) I did some research on that college for a couple of 'my students'. Enjoy your time with these young fellows. What a joy!

  11. Uuuuugh!!! How ridiculous! Of course this comes from the man who claims to be 'for the poor' while getting $400 haircuts!

  12. Susan, I'm sure it'll be fun hosting these kids from West Coast. I love to hear Paul Chapel preach!!

    If you don't mind, I'd like to speak my mind about John Edwards also....he's an ignoramous. I don't say that in name calling way. I do say that to say he is ignorant in his thinking. I'm so tired of seeing his face in these parts of North Carolina. Even the sound of his voice gets under my skin. The problem with the education of our children stems from the lack of discipline we, as society, are allowed to administer. If you have disciplined children, you will have good students. Not necessarily straight "A" students, but you'll have a higher percentage of students doing well in school. Do they honestly believe we're regressing mentally from forty years ago? Truth is, they don't want to address the real issue. Our school systems have gone from being a place of education, learning reading, writing, and arithmatic, to being over-sized, over-crowded, government run daycare centers that put their focus on "society issues" instead of real education. All the "wonderful changes" they've made in the last twenty-five to thirty years have done nothing but corrupt our children's minds and we've lost them, as a whole, to a God-less government who continues to make "wonderful changes" including taking our children as they're just entering the toddler bed stage. To solve the education problem, we just need to get back to the good ole' days when children were expected to be responsible students and citizens.

    It runs a lot deeper than just discipline, but that's a good place to start. Political correctness is definitely over-rated in today's society!



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