Saturday, June 23, 2007

A Week of Fellowship

Our friends kind of snuck up on me. I knew they were coming, and that the wife and kids would be staying all week in a nearby RV park while the husband went back to the US to work for a week. But it didn't dawn on me that they were getting here yesterday . . . till they called and said they'd be here in a few minutes! LOL

Stu and Donna (Donna is our former pastor's daughter) are fellow missionary friends who have been in Ontario for 6 years. Stu is originally from Ontario, and he met Donna, a Texan, at Bible college in Oklahoma. After they got married, they moved back to Ontario as missionaries and started a church. Six years later, the Lord has allowed the to turn the church over to another pastor and called them to the Dominican Republic. So now they are on deputation again, and are in BC and the western US for the next couple of weeks. Wes helped them find an RV park to live in for the time they're here. They'll be in our church services tomorrow, and then Donna and I will get to fellowship next week while Stu is out of town. I'm so glad that we could have Donna and the kids nearby for the week! Even though there are several other IFB pastors in the Vancouver area, we don't often get together because each ministry has its own things going. So I am feeling quite fortunate this week to have a friend nearby to come and visit with me every day.

They came over for a couple of hours last night, and we ordered a pizza and just relaxed. They had been on the road for most of the day, so their kids were needing to stretch a bit. We got the biggest kick out of little Seth. He is one year old and quite a little man. He was tired: tired of riding, tired of people, tired of sitting still, tired of everything! I've felt like that a time or two myself when we were on deputation! ;) So being as tired as he was, he was a bit stir-crazy, and just walked around and around, laughing one minute and crying the next! LOL They left pretty soon after we ate to get the two youngest to bed and rest a bit themselves.

So my week promises to be full and fun. I'll give you a report of our services probably on Monday, as Wes and I will be taking Stu down to WA to catch his plane tomorrow evening after church. We also have a youth group coming from Ft. Worth, Texas (staying at another church) on Thursday to help pass out fliers. I'm looking forward to talking to some people who can understand what I'm saying! ;) On Friday is a youth activity, with the same youth group, and then Saturday is our Canada Day picnic (a day early) that we have with another church in the area each year. On Canada Day, we'll only have our rec centre rooms for the morning service, so we're having a time of fellowship here at the house again, more like a drop-in this time. A busier week than most . . . and I still don't have all of our school things wrapped up!


  1. What a nice surprise for your friends to show up earlier than expected! I know you had a wonderful time.


  2. Wow!! It's a good thing that you are such a wonderful homekeeper! :) I'm afraid that would have about given me a heartattack for sure ;)

  3. Hi Susan,
    How nice.
    It is so neat when we can spend time with friends.

  4. Susan ~ hope you are having a wonderful visit with your friends. I, too, am still wrapping up our school reports for the year. It'll be great to get that off my desk! :o)

  5. It's wonderful when we can spend time with good friends! Sounds like you have a busy week--have a blessed one!

  6. That must be the Schepers' you are talking about!! They just visited our church (in Brampton, ON) for our missions conference a couple of weeks ago.....small world. They are a very nice family. Nice that you get to spend time with them.

  7. You're right, Melissa! It is the Schepers'. They are leaving us tomorrow, and I really hate to see them go. I've grown quite attached to the kids while they've been with us.


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