Wednesday, June 20, 2007

A Tour of Our Home

Well, here are some pics of the house, finally. Hope you enjoy them! For comparison to the empty house, you can see the slide show I made before we moved in.

First is our living room. This is the room you enter to the right after you come in the front door.

I'm skipping the dining room this time, because I'm in the midst of finishing up the school year and beginning to sew culottes for camp. My desk and sewing machine are in the dining room. 'Nuff said!

Next is the kitchen. I love this kitchen! It's big and roomy, and I'd love to get an island to go in the middle! First is the main working area, with the big window over the sink, another feature I love. Then the stove - my full-size stove! - and across the room in another corner are my microwave and freezer.

On the main floor, we also have a powder room . . .

and across from the powder room are the stairs leading to the laundry room in the basement. These are the stairs I fell down the week after we moved in. See that bottom step down there? The one that is barely visible? Well, it's the one I missed and landed on the floor!

Also in the basement is a small apartment, or suite as it's called here. A single young man lives there. He moved in the week after we did, and has been a wonderful tenant! We haven't had any complaints with him, and hopefully he hasn't had any with us. He is hardly home, after working full time, and he told us Sunday that he's coaching a youth baseball team in his spare time. I sent him a piece of cake Sunday afternoon. He seemed to like that. What single guy would turn down cake?!! He and our family have separate entrances to our houses; the only area we share is the laundry. I do all mine during the day on weekdays, and he does his in the evenings and on weekends. It's working really well for all of us.

On to the upstairs, where the bedrooms are. First is our bedroom. It's also Wes's study. I had read so much about making your bedroom your haven and not having anything else in there, that I felt bad putting his study in our room. But it's working out great. Our "retreat" is still our retreat; the study hasn't made any difference for us. So if you have to put a desk in your bedroom even though the "experts" (including FlyLady) say not to . . . do it anyway! ;) Our room is also his computer lab - he's putting together a new-to-her system for Beth!

Next are the kids' rooms. Beth is in love with blue and brown, and this spread and shams were just beautiful. She saved her own money for this set!

The boys' room almost didn't get a picture in here. It's not quite up to what I would want it to be, as far as neatness, but at least one bed was made. Here you see Andrew in his own little office, where he does school and works at his computer design stuff. We have a double bed and a set of bunkbeds in this room. After Samuel leaves for college (in about 2 months), we'll pass along the bunkbeds to someone else and just have the double bed, which will free up a bit more space.

Finally, there is the main bath. The yellow one. Even though there are shower doors, I put up a shower curtain that I bought last fall. I loved the colors, and although the gold doesn't match the yellow exactly, it still matches enough to give the room some unity. I also use a red bathmat and some lighthouses with red on them to (hopefully) tie it all together. I'm pleased with how it turned out.

And there you have it! The Lord has blessed us tremendously with this house. I hope we get to live in it for years and years. Wes said, when we were moving, "I'm never moving again!" I don't think he said that as much for love of the house as he did for hatred of moving, though. Still, I hope it's our last move for a long, long time.


  1. Anonymous6:40 PM

    O Susan it is adorable and as for that bay window....if you widen your curtain rods they will meet at each bend and you can have the curtains hanging straight down from the ceiling height along each side of the window and it will make it look larger! you asked about that before LOL
    LOVE the boys room bedding by the way

  2. Susan ~ your new home seems very spacious - esp your kitchen! I know you love it.

  3. Susan,

    It is absolutely beautiful! I am so very happy for you. The Lord has blessed you with a lovely home and I know it will be not only a peaceful refuge for your family but a place of ministry to others.

    I love, love, love that coffee table! And the kitchen is wonderful. I think you did a super job of tying the colors together in that yellow bathroom. Very nice!

  4. Susan ~ everything looks wonderful. Your home is so sunny; what a delight that must be. And I think that yellow bathroom looks great. I like how the curtain softens the shower doors. I think I'm going to do that in our Master Bath.

    Thanks for sharing! :o)

  5. Oh! I love it all! Your living room looks so nice and homey and inviting. Your furniture looks like you purchased it for this living room! Love the fireplace!

    You did an awesome job pulling that yellow bathroom together! It really looks great!

  6. Susan, your home is really beautiful. Looks like you have a lot of room there. I'm so happy for you! Thanks for sharing the pictures.


  7. Everything looks lovely and homey! I am trying not to envy the counter space in your kitchen. :) And I agree about bedroom space -- ours has my sewing desk and an old computer that I used to use a lot.

  8. Susan, I love your new home. I really like the kitchen. I have always wanted one that had a window you could look out. I am so thankful for you and your family. connie from Texas

  9. Very nice house Susan. Isnt it amazing what the Lord gives us sometimes!! I love the wide open kitchen. Seeing other people homes makes me all the more excited to finally be getting ready to build our new house. Let the Lord use your house as a place of ministry to others and a place that HE will be glorified always. That is my sincere desire four our home also.
    In case you dont remember who I am, you visited my blog after being on my mother in laws blog. Thanks again for checking mine out....come back often...i am sure I will pop in on yours more frequently. Do you mind if I link it? have a good night

  10. Such a beautiful place! May God bless you and your family in such a special way as you live there.

  11. Beautiful home! I LOVE your shower curtain so pretty and I think it fits well with the other colors in the room!

    Your living room and kitchen are so nice and roomy.

    Thanks so much for sharing your home with us.

  12. Hello Susan!

    Your new home is beautiful! I especially like your big kitchen and how light and airy it looks.

    The size and number of windows in the livingroom along with the curtains and sheers look spectacular!

    Take Care,


  13. Thank you all for your sweet comments on our home. We are indeed blessed, and it's wonderful for hospitality, because we have so much room. We do have a little less storage space, but I'm learning to be creative . . . and also to get rid of stuff! LOL

  14. Wow! What fun to see pictures of your home! : ) I love how the light shines through your kitchen window. And I am really into blue and brown, like Beth. Those are the colors I am planning on using in our bedroom.

    You did a great job of making your house warm and cozy! Thanks for sharing! : )

  15. Very nice and comfy, good job!

  16. What a great place the Lord has provided for you and looks like you have made it into a wonderful haven for yourself and others as you minister in Canada....thanks for the tour...

  17. Susan,

    You've done a FABULOUS job with your new home, it's gorgeous!

    I really like what you did with the yellow bathroom.

  18. Wow!! JUst beautiful! Praise the Lord! So happy for you :) Heather

  19. OOO OOO OOO I have th esame picture of pastel colored hearts as you do in your downstairs powder room! How cool is that!
    I love the size of your living room and kitchen! Trying not to be envious! Everything looks put together and homey!

  20. Susan,
    Thanks for sharing the pictures of your home. It looks so spacious and inviting! I especially like how the "yellow" bathroom turned out. The stripes from the shower curtain really take the focus off of the yellow in the room.

    The Lord sure did take care of things when He picked this house out for you. :)
    Mrs. C

  21. I enjoy seeing pictures of other's homes. You have a beautiful,cozy home. It looks so homey and comfortable! I did notice your small freezer. I'm looking for something small for my kitchen because my refrig. freezer is not big enough and my old freezer in the garage has about had it! It is not always convenient to run out to the garage when I need something to have to thaw for a meal. Do you enjoy your freezer in your kitchen? Do you like the size? It looks to be a 5.0 cubit. And again thanks for sharing your home photos:)
    Lisa F.

  22. Hi, Lisa! I love looking at people's homes too. I do like the convenience of having the freezer in the kitchen, although I really don't like the look of having it in the kitchen. Then I remember that my home is here to serve me, not me to serve it! There's really nowhere else to put the freezer, so in the kitchen it goes.


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