Thursday, June 07, 2007

To Catch Up . . .

Yesterday I went to the insurance claim centre to file my affidavit concerning the pedestrian incident I had on Monday. I was relieved to have a lady help me - I don't know what she'd be called - an insurance adjuster? I was more at ease with a lady. She asked me a few questions to get me going, then typed everything I said. She printed out my report, which I read and then signed as being the truth. And I had to draw a sketch of the scene! Yikes! LOL Apparently it was ok, because she said she knows the exact spot I was talking about. She also checked a board where any pedestrian incidents are reported, and no one had called in yet to report what had happened. She said that if no one makes a report within 30 days, they will close the file and it will be over. She also said I had done the right thing, even though the boy wasn't hurt and there was no damage to our vehicle. They don't like to have to track down hit-and-run drivers! I should say not! That was the main reason I reported it; I didn't want to be viewed as a person who would be involved in an accident and not own up to my responsibility. I also didn't want to get sued, which was my other reason for reporting it. At least it's on the record that I took responsibility for it. So. Hopefully that's over. I feel better, anyway.

A couple of you left questions for me in the comments of my last post. Let me see if I can answer them for you.

Heather asked . . .
You must have really done a good job on that ankle! It's been quite awhile since you hurt it.. I think that was probably around the last time I visited... by the way ... how's the house coming? Do you have any pics of the finished product... or are you finished yet?

Thanks for asking about the ankle, Heather! It's been four weeks since I hurt it, and it seems to be doing ok. It's getting strong again, and I'm able to do most anything I was before. I do get a twinge of pain if I twist it out of the normal range of activities, say when I'm down on the floor getting something from a cabinet. When I stand up on my right foot, that leaves the left foot to give that little hoist the rest of the way up. I don't know how many times I've felt a twinge that reminds me that all is not completely healed in there! There's still some weakness in my ankle too, but I usually wiggle it around first thing in the morning to try to strengthen those muscles. I can tell that it's stronger each day by doing that. I'm also back to exercising (almost) every day - it's plenty strong enough to walk on.

As for the house . . . I knew it was just a matter of time before I'd have to get some pictures for you guys! LOL Now that most everything is put away and pretty much where I want it, the house is full of the everyday clutter of living. Not bad, just not picture-ready. I will have to clean up real good and then take pics really fast before it gets messed up again! I will try to do that within the next few days. We're settled in nicely, and I'm beginning to tweak closet and storage spaces to make everything fit and still be accessible without getting bonked on the head when I open the door! ;)

I just discovered the blog of a friend of mine from Vancouver, DeStampin' Corner. She has her own Stampin'Up business. She had a pertinent question:
Thanks for stopping by my blog. I have been reading your's for sometime now. I'm curious, how did you find my blog?

Welllll . . . I found your blog in the newsletter you sent me! Advertising works! I have several stamping blogs listed in my Bloglines, because although I'm not good at making cards, I love to look at others' cards and try to make them. In other words, I steal ideas. And I've found some good ones on your blog, D!

On a more serious note, have you been following the abduction and murder of the young woman from Kansas, Kelsey Smith? For some reason, this one has touched my emotions very strongly. Maybe because my son is the same age and gone from home most of each day. My heart broke for her mother in the first interview I saw about the family on Tuesday morning on Good Morning America. She said her last words to her daughter, over the phone just minutes before her abduction, were, "I'll see you when I get home." But her daughter didn't come home. Every time that loved one, whoever it may be, walks out your door, you have no guarantee they will ever come back. I have determined once again to never let a loved one leave me without saying, "I love you." I don't dwell on these things constantly, but something like this always reminds me that life can change in a split second. Live on purpose! My prayers are with the Smith family.


  1. I'm glad you got all your paperwork done concerning the accident.

    And since my brother passed away, I've always made sure to tell my loved ones that I love them everytime I talk to them on the phone, send an email, or just before they leave me from seeing them. You never know, one day you could wake up and find they're gone.


  2. It Is a sad story and so sad for the family left behind. I just hope and pray that they will see each other when they meet again at Home.

  3. I'm glad your ankle is mostly healed. Congrats on being all moved in!! You did good!! Glad you got your insurance paperwork done ~ still praying nothing comes of it.

    I rarely watch the news, so I've only just seen a bit on this young girl. Very sad! I like what you said ~ live on purpose!

  4. wow, about your shaken up incident, that same thing happened to me, except I was the pedestrian! I was almost halfway across the street.....I was sure the driver had seen me (we made eye contact)....but she must have forgotten I was there and surged forward into the intersection to make a right turn on red. She turned right into my left leg, and I badly sprained my knee as a result. Sadly, she was not nearly as conscientious as you, and just kept on driving....we still have no idea who she was. Anyways, I was definitely encouraged by your reaction to what happened.....I know if I had been the driver, I would have been soooooo upset, probably sobbing hysterically. I guess this is kind of a long comment.....sorry! Thanks for being a good Christian testimony!


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