Thursday, June 28, 2007

Taking a Breath

Wow, have we been busy this week! Yesterday, Donna and I took the kids to the park and met with another pastor's wife here, who had gone to college with Donna. It was a nice reunion for them, and I just adore getting to talk with other moms while watching the little ones play. Well, actually, I did more chatting than watching little ones! We had three teenaged girls and one teenaged boy among our eleven children (!) so we mamas could pretty much chat and just scan the landscape every few minutes to see where our respective children were. I must say the teens did a tremendous job of playing with the littles. To those who believe that homeschooling limits the social opportunities and skills of our children: they haven't seen four teenagers willingly playing games with children ages 1-10 and having a great time themselves! And then have those same teenagers come and hold intelligent conversations with us adults. One of the teenaged girls, age 14, teaches seven piano students and had just held her first recital as a teacher on Tuesday night. And that is limiting her socially? Most of the children I've known only socialize well with their peers; they freeze up around adults or ignore small children (or else pester them till they scream in frustration!). Homeschooled children, as a general rule, learn to socialize with people of all ages and in all social settings. My own children amaze me with their friendliness with children, their ease with adults, and their consideration for the elderly. Well, I'll step off my unintentional homeschoolers-have-no-socialization soapbox. It's one of my favorites, you know! ;)

Missionaries and preachers' kids seem to have their own lifestyles. We got a kick out of little Seth, age 17 months, when he encountered a stranger at the park yesterday. He looked up and held out his hand for the gentleman to shake! LOL The poor man hardly knew what to do . . . other than reach down and shake that chubby little hand! Andrew was with him and said the man looked decidedly puzzled over a 17-month-old even knowing how to shake hands! LOL

Today, Donna and the kids are getting in a good day of homeschool and relaxing a bit. Our family hosted a group of teens today from Ft. Worth, TX (not from our home church, though) who are visiting in the area this week. They distributed fliers for our church, asked us some questions about our church and how we came to be in Canada, and had lunch with us. Then they were off for an afternoon of sightseeing and boating on the bay (I secretly wanted to go boating with them!). They'll be at the youth activity tomorrow night, and again at our Canada Day picnic on Saturday. Hearing Texas accents again was music to my ears! LOL

From now until about next Wednesday we are busy every day. Summer seems to increase our activity here instead of giving us a break. It won't be long till time for camp, and shortly after that . . . Sam leaves for college. I won't even go there. The trip to take him down is exciting, but I can't get past the end of the trip, when we leave him in California, without tears coming to my eyes. I've said it before, and I'll probably say it a million times before my life is over (at least I hope I get the chance to say it that often! LOL) . . . time flies by so fast!

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