Sunday, June 03, 2007

Sunday in Review - June 3, 2007

Another good day here in North Vancouver! The weather has been hot - for us - and today was no exception. The high was about 82 or so (28C). Now, I know that isn't very hot, especially after living in Texas for 14 years and having temps in the 90's and over 100 for several months out of the year. But for this time of year, in this part of the country . . . it's hot! We keep trying to encourage each other by saying, "You know, in Texas this is just a nice spring day . . ." but today I said . . . "That's it! We don't live in Texas anymore, and it's HOT here! This is where we live now!" LOL

Anyway, all that to say our rooms at the rec centre were very hot. There is supposed to be AC, but the windows in the room face east, and the sun pours in there in the mornings. Wes told me he was brief this morning because it was so hot, but I think we got out at the same time as usual. We had our largest crowd yet, other than our two anniversary services: today we had 30 people! The Ukrainian couple visited again, and we had another young family and an older couple. It was exciting to look up from the keyboard and see almost all the seats filled and people still coming in!

Tonight was our monthly birthday celebration. We have 3 people having birthdays this month, two of which are a father and daughter on the same day! We have cake and fruit, sing to the birthday people, and stick around for a few minutes of fellowship. On the first Sunday night we also let people choose their favorite songs to sing, and that's fun. I never know what I'm going to be playing, and sometimes I have to stop a minute and get the tune in my mind, even though I can see the music right in front of me! How weird is that?

I'm still enjoying the messages from I Peter. Tonight was verse 3 in the first chapter, talking about our lively hope. This hope is a living hope because of who it's based upon and what it's based upon: the mercy of God. We don't have a hope because of how good we are, the good things we do, our ability to hang on to our own salvation, but simply because God's mercy is so great. How comforting it is to me personally that I can depend upon God's mercy! If I had to depend on my doing or being good to maintain God's favor, I would still be lost. But He loves me unconditionally, His mercy is new each day, and my salvation - my hope! - is secure in Him!

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  1. What a blessing to read how God continues to bless you and your family there. Isn't God just wonderful?


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