Monday, June 04, 2007

Summer Reading

Lots of people are writing up their lists of summer reading and reporting on what they read during the spring. I love to read, but I find that most of my reading is online anymore - in the form of blogs! ;) I've recently wanted to get in some "heavier" reading, though, so I thought I'd answer these questions posted by Peggy of Peggy's Place.

1. What kind of books do you enjoy most?

My favorite books to read are fiction, the kind you can just escape into and relax while you read. However, I also love to read nonfiction, especially books that focus on Christian womanhood. Lately I've been interested in Christian growth in general, too.

2. What was the title of the last book you read?


Sophie's Heart

By Lori Wick


Spirit of the Rainforest, 2nd ed. A Yanomamo Shaman's Story
By Mark Andrew Ritchie

(suggested by Jungle Mom, Rita)

3. What title/s do you look forward to reading this summer?


Stepping Heavenward

By Elizabeth Prentiss

(a re-read)


By Jane Austen

(nope, I've never read it!)

The Proposal, The English Garden Series #1
By Lori Wick

(I think I might like the novels set in the past better than her modern-day novels)

Music in the Balance by Frank Garlock

Abiding in Christ by Paul Chappell

Heart of a Handmaiden by Cathy Corle (another re-read)

Fighting for Dear Life: The Untold Story of Terri Schiavo
By David Gibbs with Bob DeMoss

4. When do you find the time to read?

With my kids now in their teens, I'm finding that I can pick up a book and read most any time I want to nowadays. I like to read in the evening to relax, and I love to read in bed, although I don't do that very often because my husband believes in turning off the lights when we go to bed. Can you believe that??? He teases me if he's going to be gone overnight, because he knows I'll be reading in bed till the wee hours of the morning! LOL

So there you have my fairly short list of reading for the summer. I find it goes in spurts, especially the fiction. I'm beginning to read the nonfiction at the rate of a chapter a day, usually right after I'm dressed in the morning. It only takes a few minutes to read a chapter, and I can think on it all day and maybe look back over it at night before bed. I'd love to see what you're reading too!


  1. I love Christian fiction. Non-fiction takes me a lot longer and doesn't seem to stay with me as easily -- I've read Changed Into His Image twice, once with the workbook, and feel I need to go through it again.

    I love Lori Wick! Persuasion is on my list for the Spring Reading Challenge which ends June 22 -- I hope I make it! I loved the video of it with Amanda Root years ago.

    That book Rita suggested looks good, too. I read Stepping Heavenward years ago -- very good.

    I've seen another book meme floating around, too -- I may combine this with that one later this week. Books are one of my favorite subjects!

  2. It is nice when the kids are old enough to let you alone to read, isn't it? Enjoy the books.

  3. Debbie Hurley6:42 PM

    I just returned from a campmeeting where I heard Cathy Corle's husband and David Gibbs preach - I'm sure you will enjoy the books. David Gibbs was awesome! Good idea to plan your summer reading (or anything for that matter). Thanks for sharing.
    Deb H. (Abilene)


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