Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Kitchen Bingo

Peggy at Lives of Simplicity is hosting a Kitchen Bingo game! I played in her Spring Bingo and enjoyed it; it's pretty exciting as you near the end of the game and get close to getting Bingo. I've grown to love Peggy's sweet spirit in her posts, so the Bingo games are like icing on the cake. All you have to do to participate is leave her a comment on the Kitchen Bingo post, choose 30 words from the list in that entry, and e-mail your word picks by midnight on June 24th to her daughter Livvie. Then check her blog often to see what words she chooses (sometimes she picks more than once a day), and hopefully you can mark them off your list of words that you chose. The first person to yell "Bingo!" in a comment on her blog is the winner! The prize this time is a gift package containing a clothespin bag and apron made by Peggy's daughter Livvie (who has her own shop), a notepad, and a hardcover book entitled The Simpler Life. What's not to love?!!


  1. Oh wow, I'll add those two places on my "Places to See" list. I love those kind of blogs but seldom have the time to look around. Thanks for the post, the Bingo sounds fun.

  2. Susan - thanks for the link! I've never been to Peggy's blog before... but I just spent quite a bit of time looking around her site this morning. Very neat! I think I wanna play bingo!

  3. Sounds like fun! I joined in the fun too~


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