Saturday, June 16, 2007

I Have a Few Minutes

I have a few minutes here in the late afternoon to sit down and write a bit. It's been a busy week, not so much from having extra things to do as from just living. School is finishing up, so I'm once again in the process of getting grade reports and samples finished and sent off to teachers. They were supposed to be done yesterday, but the kids got started late on a couple of subjects each, so they aren't quite finished yet. And the projects! Every year we get behind in writing projects and science projects. Drives me batty! LOL The last few days of each school year are always spent finishing up those reports that everybody figured they'd get to later. Later has arrived. And I'm going to have to find a way to keep up with them next year. Again. Ahem.

I found some old books at the rec centre where we have church. They take book donations, display the books in the lobby, and people can take what they want with a monetary donation. Most of them are either cheap romance novels or bestsellers that aren't clean enough to read or some type of philosophy or self-help book that is humanistic and godless . . . so I only find a good book once in a blue moon. A week ago Thursday, though, I hit the jackpot! I found six books that were both decent and interesting. I found a paperback book of French Hand Sewing by Machine by Martha Pullen. The clothes in this book are gorgeous to look at, and someday I might try my hand at this French embroidery on some baby clothes. I also found a garden book entitled Autumn & Winter Colour in the Garden; gorgeous pictures in that too. A couple of novels - Beyond the Cross and the Switchblade and Reader's Digest's Ten Best Books (titles include Florence Nightingale, A Man Called Peter, and The Hunting of the Bismarck). It doesn't have a copyright date, but it's obviously old. Another book I found was Women of Courage by Margaret Truman. Now I know that she most likely writes from a "modern woman" viewpoint, but I did thumb through the book and found some things worthy to read. I do enjoy reading about extraordinary women and the things they've accomplished. I can take the good and spit out the humanism and feminism. And if there's too much, I'll just re-donate it! And finally, I found an old British homemaking book in excellent condition called Newnes Home Management. It has the best retro pictures in it, and I had to laugh out loud at some of the nutrition and beauty advice! LOL Again, no copyright date, but the inscription in the front of the book is dated 1961. I'll have to take some pictures and quote some of the wisdom from this book; it's just too delicious! Right this minute I'm cracking up over a picture of "the house of the future" and fashions of the 1980s (what the author's perception of the clothing would be). The man's outfit looks like something the cast of the original Star Trek would wear, and mention is made of the dining room table rising from the living room floor via remote control! The minute I saw it I knew I wanted this book, if for nothing more than the retro pictures. Some of the fabrics shown would fit right in with the retro styles now.

I ordered a received a pattern this week to make some culottes for Beth for camp. I need to get started on those next week . . . after we buy some fabric, of course. It's that time of year again!

I've been concentrating on getting our dinner preparations done in the mornings this week. I love how we do it at camp, beginning something in the oven, baking a cake right after breakfast, or peeling veggies to cook later in the day. So I decided to do that this week, and it sure made for less stress when it was time to cook. Wes likes dinner in mid-afternoon, and this has made it easier to get started. It also helps to ensure that I eat better for my health. If I wait to make a salad while I'm in the middle of fixing the meal, I'm pretty likely to just "forget" about it, because I have so much going on at once. This week I had the veggies I needed, including salads, and my blood sugar has improved because of it. I also had a couple of fruit salads this week, which I thoroughly enjoyed. All because I took the time to do a little extra prep work right after breakfast.

That's all for now. I can tell I need to take lots of pictures this next week, of the house, the books I found, and a sweet gift I received in the mail. Watch for them, and have a great weekend!


  1. Oh, LOL, happy sewing. Can't wait to see your pictures.


  2. Glad you had that few minutes, Susan! I love hearing what you're up to.
    Those books sound like real finds!

    Yes, doesn't it help when you prepare things for the evening earlier in the day? That's why I almost always do a crockpot meal on Sundays, and I usually prepare it the night before.

    Not tomorrow, however. After church we're going to have a picnic and go hiking at a state park in honor of Father's Day!

    Have a blessed Sunday!

  3. Old books are great. I had one of the first government books on bringing up a baby.
    Rigged rules for feeding and sunbathing the baby.
    Do you remember the high cotton stockings and the belly binder? Oh, and the quarter in the binder if the navel stuck out? Can you imagine the laundry with all these things pinned to the diaper?
    No Huggies in those days or when my boys were little. Can't wait for the pictures.
    Hope you have good Father's day at your house.

  4. Don't you laugh at me, Kristi! ;)

    Mrs. T, a picnic sounds wonderful! We don't plan them too often here, because it's likely to be raining. We're having a roast beef dinner with a special cake for dessert (I'll tell about it tomorrow) . . . all of which I'm fixing tonight. I love to cook a roast all night on low!

    Joyce, I was born in the mid-60's, and I had what the doctor called a hernia, which made my navel stick out . . . and my Mama had to tape a quarter to it! I was so surprised to see you mention taping a quarter to the baby's bellybutton! LOL Mama said she tried those "new" paper diapers called Pampers, but they gave me a rash. Were those "the good ol' days?" ;)

  5. Glad you found some good books. That's always fun. You mentioned a blue moon,,,,,,,we had one in May on the 31st!

  6. Woohoo! You *did* hit the jackpot with the books you found. I love when that happens! And I can *so* relate to getting behind on school projects--I just told Zach that next year WILL be different!! : ) We'll see!!


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