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Sunday in Review - May 6, 2007

Yesterday was an unusual Sunday. Since Friday, Wes had been feeling that he was coming down with the flu that I had last weekend. He ran a low-grade fever all Friday and Saturday, and by Sunday morning, he wasn't feeling very well at all. When he first began feeling bad, he called Pastor Conner and asked if someone from their church could come and preach for us Sunday morning, so he had someone lined up to preach . . . just in case. It was a good thing he did! Although Wes was able to go to church yesterday morning, his voice and energy level wouldn't have allowed him to preach. He stayed home last night, for which I was thankful. I knew he didn't feel well, so I wanted him to rest - but he's a stubborn Baptist pastor! ;) In all honesty, I admire his determination to at least be at church when he didn't feel well. He did stay far away from people, not shaking hands and things like that, to keep from spreading it to them. They all understood and were quite happy to be unsociable! ;)

We had a good attendance yesterday, including one older lady who has visited once before. Pastor Chiu from Greater Vancouver Baptist did a fine job of preaching, from what I heard from my family. Sunday school went well; we are nearing the end of our series on David. Yesterday was about Absalom's deception. It was an exciting lesson with lots of action and intrigue, traitors and spies, and at the end the great love of the father for his son - which reminds us of how much God loves us even though we're sinners. Because Beth was forced to play the piano last week when I was sick, we found that she can play the invitation for me so that I can stay in my classroom a bit longer. That is good and bad: good, because I don't have to hurry the lesson; and bad, because the kids are less likely to get a game at the end. I'll have to learn to balance that out!

Last night, being the first Sunday of the month, everyone got to choose their favorite songs to sing, and we learned a new one that was someone's favorite. I'll have to look it up again to be able to tell you the words, but it was good! Samuel preached in his dad's place last night, and I must say he is getting to be a very good preacher! ;) Only three months now till he goes to college - I can't believe it. After church, we had our monthly birthday fellowship, with cake and fruit, after which our ladies' singing group began practicing again. I think they've chosen another winner, and I think their pastor will be pleased with it when he hears it.

That's about it for another Sunday at Lions Gate Baptist Church. We aren't burning up the woods up here or anything like that, but we're doing our best to be faithful. Thanks for all your prayers for our little church!

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