Monday, May 28, 2007

More Pictures

Sorry for the multiple postings, for those reading on Bloglines - I had trouble getting the slideshow to work!

I shared some pictures from last Sunday in my Sunday in Review post earlier today, but I had also promised some pics from the week that Wes's parents were here. We don't have a huge amount of pictures, mainly because we didn't do all that much that was picture-worthy! We mostly just relaxed and had a good time together. They arrived on Tuesday, the 15th, but we didn't get back in to Vancouver until later on that evening. We stopped at our usual Wal Mart on the way in and bought a few groceries. We also found somewhere to eat a good meal, since Mom and Dad hadn't eaten since breakfast that morning - around 6:00 Eastern time. They arrived in Seattle at 12:30 Pacific Time, which was 3:00 in their home zone. They had snacked on the plane, but snacking just doesn't help out when it's been 9 hours since you had a meal!

On Wednesday, Wes and his dad fixed the brakes on our car. I don't know completely what was wrong, but I do know they don't squeak anymore. Mom and I had been up talking till after 11:00 the night before, which means she had been up for close to 24 hours by the time she got to bed on Tuesday night. So she napped for a while on Wednesday.

Thursday, we stuck close to home because it was our church night. Wes was also working on a Power Point presentation for his parents to show in the churches they visit this year on furlough. This presentation work began sometime on Wednesday, through Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday. It was quite the job, but Wes pulled it off and they left here with a great-looking presentation!

On Friday, the presentation work was put aside so that we could take the ferry across to Langdale and back (a shorter, cheaper ride), go out for lunch, and then head over to Castle Fun Park in the evening. Dad, Wes, and the kids played miniature golf while Mom and I sat down with Diet Cokes and just chatted. We had fun; we assume the dads and the kids did too! ;)

On Saturday, we stuck around the house again, playing games on Saturday night. We enjoyed a rousing game of Balderdash, thanks to Grandpa. He is a nut, so I knew he would be a perfect candidate for Balderdash. I was right. He kept us cracked up the entire time, all the while acting like he couldn't understand what we were laughing about.

Sunday was filled with church and our fellowship that evening. Then on Monday, Mom and Dad began packing up to go back home to NC. We left for Seattle mid-afternoon, so that they could spend the night near the airport and avoid having to rise at 2:00 a.m. and make a mad dash to Seattle, four hours away! All of us preferred the less rushed plan! ;)

So you see it was a short visit, but quite an enjoyable one. When you're with the folks you love, you don't have to have constant activity. Sometimes it's just enough to be together! Here's a slideshow of some of our fun.


  1. The pictures are wonderful. I am so glad you all had such a good time. I agee the best times are the time just spent together enjoying each other. Busy activity is always the memories that mean the most. connie from Texas

  2. Such terrific photos! The scenery is beautiful!


  3. Beautiful photos! Looks like you had a great time.

  4. It's sounds like a wonderful visit! We never do much when our folks visit because we really just want to get in lots of good talking and catching up with each other. :o) Your photos are fantastic, Susan; do those mountains not just speak to the majesty of God!


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