Tuesday, May 01, 2007

L-O-N-G Weekend

Hey, folks! Well, I'm finally set up again in our new house! We moved all day Thursday and Friday, and got everything in those two days. We went back to the townhouse to clean on Saturday and pick up all those teeny little things that you manage not to get into boxes, you know?! I hate that part! Anyway, we are in the house, and I'm loving it!

On Friday morning I woke up feeling kinda yuck - sore throat, headache, ears aching - but after I got up, I felt better, just a little stuffy, and didn't think any more about it, other than having a hard time breathing through my nose. That night I was so tired I literally could barely move, but again, attributed it to being tired from the move. Saturday morning I was tired feeling and still fighting that headache and stuffy nose, but thought it was just a cold. Well. About an hour into cleaning the townhouse, it hit. I started aching everywhere. Then I got cold and couldn't shake it off. I thought I was tired from cleaning, although I was a little disappointed in myself that I couldn't go clean a house for a few hours without wimping out like that. And Wes had the doors and windows open, so I thought that was why I was cold. I kept working, feeling progressively worse, still thinking I was just majorly tired. Some friends had invited us to dinner at their house so I wouldn't have to worry with cooking, so when we finished cleaning, I came back to the house and lay down on the bed. And that was that. I stayed there till sometime Sunday afternoon! I ended up with a good case of the flu. I was in bed for the better part of two whole days. What timing! LOL

So. All that to say that I've either been without a computer or sick for the past 5 days. I'm feeling much better today, and I have lots of work waiting for me. My kitchen is almost together; I have a few more things to straighten out, and even then I might change it around again! Beth thinks I'm crazy, but she hasn't had her own kitchen yet. It has to flow, you know? I still have to finish those crazy sheers too. Cheryl (Copper's Wife), I tried steaming one panel of the drapes with the iron like you suggested, and it worked! It takes a while, but I'll chip away at it - there are six panels to do. Our bedroom is still a wreck. That will take some time to get to. So much to do. Wes likes to say it will still be there tomorrow - and that's what I hate about it! LOL I will take it easy though. I don't want to get sick again.

Thanks again for all your prayers during our move! Although I don't know most of you in "real life" I do cherish your friendships. See ya later!


  1. So sorry you were sick during moving time!! As Wes said -- some tasks have a way of waiting around for us to get to them. :)

  2. Of all the nerve! Why can't those flue bugs pick a better time to come calling!
    I feeeel for ya! It's got to be so hard to lay there when you have so much to do. Praying for continued healing!

  3. Susan,
    Again the Lord tested and you past. Just remember that you have time to get things done.
    And one of the first things to do is get your health back.
    Sorry to sound like mother hen,but I worry about you. God Bless!!

  4. Glad to see you back I have been wondering! I'm so SORRY you got so sick during the move. I have been there and done that and it's NO fun! I had strep throat for 2 weeks while we were packing and moving to NC! YUCK! Anyway, glad you feeling better and all moved in. I can't wait to see picture of your house with YOUR stuff in it!

  5. What timing, indeed! I understand about the kitchen. I have to live with it and work in it for a week or so to find out if it "works" for me or not!

  6. Barbara - Wes is so laid back, and I want everything done NOW! LOL I have a whole house full of waiting tasks!

    Sarah - it wasn't hard for me to lay there - that was all I could do! LOL The only thing I worried about was who would play the piano at church, and Beth did that. She can sight-read single notes very well, so that's what she did, and her Dad was very proud of her. Anyway, I felt so awful that I couldn't think about anything except sleeping!

    Awww, Joyce, thank you for caring and worrying! I am fine, and I'm taking it easier now that we're in the house.

    Nikki, I can't even imagine being sick for a whole two weeks and trying to move at the same time - states away, even! This move was just a couple miles down the road.

  7. Glad the steam trick worked for you. It may take awhile, but not as long as ironing them I don't think.

    So sorry you were so sick, but isn't the Lord good to get you all moved first????? Enjoy your new home and take it easy until you're back to 100%!

  8. Glad you're back to posting and also that you were able to get over the flu. I so dislike the feeling that comes along with the flu. UGH!

    Don't over do yourself and relapse!! :)


  9. I'm so sorry you haven't been feeling well! Getting sick during a move is one of the worst times I could imagine.

    Take Care,


  10. So sorry to hear you were iskc. I know that must'v been hard during your move. Prayers just said for ya'll. Hope you're feeling better...

  11. Hi Susan ~ long time no see! I'm finally home and catching up on 548 posts that have piled up! I came to your blog first to read all about your move. Sooo sorry you were sick! But glad you are finally moved in. I'm headed over to your pics now to check out your new place. (Thanks so much for your prayers for us during this difficult time of DD's death.)


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