Saturday, May 12, 2007

Busy Saturday

Well, I am back on my feet - literally - and doing much better. My ankle is still just a tiny bit swollen and instead of deep purple (a beautiful shade, actually), it's now turning a nice sickly greenish-yellow. Ick. I can move my foot slightly in almost any direction without much pain, but the muscles are weak. As long as I don't sit too long, I can move right along. Sit down - I have to hobble to get started again. So my solution is to remain standing! NOT! I'm way too lazy to even consider that! LOL

Today I did some much-needed cleaning. Then I wrapped the gifts we have for the mothers tomorrow at church. I made pigs in a blanket for supper - homemade yeast dough wrapped around those little bitty cocktail weiners - my family loves them! And I got my Sunday school lesson all ready; now I just have to pack it in my bag for church tomorrow.

This evening we went to a 20th anniversary party for a couple in our church. It was so much fun to surprise them! It was hosted by their good friends and their children. We didn't get to stay for the entire party. We were only prepared for it to be a reception - we didn't know it was a full-fledged party - so we slipped out early. It was fun to see their slide show. Isn't it funny how much people change in 20 years? ;)

I usually begin our Sunday dinner preparations on Saturday night, but when we got home this evening, Wes informed me that he and the kids are taking me out to dinner tomorrow after church, so I didn't need to cook anything tonight! Yay! They just took me out last month for my birthday, so there was no way I was even hinting that I would like to go out for Mother's Day! And now they're blessing me with a meal that I don't have to cook. Beth asked if I'd rather have a meal out or presents, and I replied, "A meal out." She said she'd way rather have presents! ;) She'll understand in about 20 years or so! ;)

So that was my day today. I enjoyed being busy again. Isn't it funny how much we want to have nothing to do when we're busy, but when we have to be still, we're bored with that? Sometimes it takes being forced into inactivity in order to appreciate the ability to be active. I was leaving the gym the other morning (Wednesday morning, the day I hurt my ankle), thinking about how my legs had hurt as I walked on the treadmill. Then I heard a metallic clicking sound ahead of me, and I looked up to see a person coming down the steps using those crutches that have the braces that wrap around your forearms. I immediately realized how ungrateful I was. I had the ability to drive to the gym, get on a treadmill and use my legs to take a brisk walk for 35 minutes straight, then go through the circuit of weight machines, some of them exercising my legs too, and then stretch all my muscles fully and walk out to my car again - but I was complaining because my muscles had ached while I walked! Sometimes I have to be whopped up side the head to get my perspective back!

Well . . . I don't know where that came from. I hadn't planned on saying all that. I'll hush now!

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