Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Blogging is Therapy

I've always suspected it - blogging is therapeutic! I started feeling much better after I wrote my last post about being a little blue. There's something about getting my thoughts down on paper - in a manner of speaking - including the things I'd been thinking on from Scripture during the day. Thank you for the comments already letting me know you've prayed or passed on a hug; I appreciate them!

This will sound really weird, but we are having a huge amount of fun watching the CanWest CanSpell National Spelling Bee! LOL I won a state spelling bee as a senior in high school, and placed third in the national competition of the American Association of Christian Schools. So watching a spelling bee is great entertainment for me, geek that I am! ;) I'm getting a little rusty though; I've missed several words. What's really funny is that they have a couple of former champs giving their commentary on the contestants and what they must be feeling, etc., just like a sporting event - it's hilarious! I can't tell you how much fun it is to listen in, hear the pronunciations and definitions, see the word in my head (do you see words in your head???), and spell the word along with the kid . . . YES! I love words!

Yes. I am weird.


  1. I'm weird, too, Susan! I love to watch spelling bees. It's just awful to see the kids' expressions when the bell "dings" signaling they've missed their word.

    When I was in Jr. High there was nothing I'd rather do than watch Jeopardy every night. I even applied as a contestant once.

  2. I love spelling bees too!
    I see words!

  3. Susan ~ So glad you're feeling better! With company here, I've been a little too busy to do much commenting. But I'm checking in now to say I like spelling bees, too. We used to have them weekly in our homeschool class between the 4 kids - always so much fun!

    I can still remember a word I misspelled when I was in a 3rd grade spelling bee: lightning (I left out the "n" - I should have known better!) I will never ever forget that experience.

    Keep feeling good!

  4. I weird too, then. I love words and I love to watch spelling bees. Glad you're enjoying yourself. :)


  5. Uhhh, that's "I'm" weird too then. "I" apostrophe "m" HA!


  6. I love words too...but the older I get the harder it gets to spell them..PTL...for spellcheck.

  7. Mrs. C - we love Jeopardy around here, although none of us feels smart enough to apply as a contestant!

    Melissa, you're a kindred spirit - you see words!

    Deb, I never thought to have a spelling bee with my kids - that would have been fun.

    Join the weirdness, Kristi! ;)

    Deby, I found out last night while watching the national spelling bee that I am not as good as I thought I was! Those were some hard words.


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