Thursday, May 10, 2007

A Bit Better

My ankle is a bit better this morning. It is still painful, of course, and a little bit swollen, but I can go up the stairs putting all my weight on that foot on one step! Last night I had to go up like a toddler - step up, then bring up the left foot. Coming down is a different story, though. That operation requires bending my ankle sharply, so that is still too painful. I'm all wrapped up in an ace bandage, and trying to walk as normally as possible. I slept well last night, which is a blessing.

Thank you for your prayers! I'm moving slowly, but I'm moving!


  1. Oh my! I hope it's better quickly. (o:


  2. So sorry to hear this, Susan. Sure hope you are feeling better today and that you will be sure and see a doctor if need be. You are right, the Lord does have a way of slowing us down at times!

    God bless,


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