Thursday, April 12, 2007

The Trunk and the Rocker

Here are my goodies! The first picture is the trunk as I got it from Freecycle. I love the shabbiness, but felt that it did need a bit of paint. Someone had stencilled tulips on the front that had faded to look more like smudges! Wes definitely did not like it in this shape, although I thought it looked vintage and quite shabby chic!

Next is the cover on the lid after we got the top layer of fabric off. We all like this fabric a lot, but Wes still doesn't think it will match our living room furniture. I think it will be fine; a little variation gives some interest!

Here is the (almost) finished product. I haven't put a handle back on, nor the trim around the edge of the lid. I'm thinking I'll just put a white trim around, keep it simple. I have looked at fabric to re-cover this lid, but I really like this fabric, and it was free, after all. I didn't get it to spend a lot of money on it!

And now . . . the rocker! I just love it! Every time I look at it, it feels like a hug from God! ;) Please excuse the mess around it! We are in the midst of a move!


  1. Susan, that is so neat! The trunk is a lot bigger than I had pictured in my head.

    I just love the rocker too - wow. What an amazing blessing!

    Thanks for sharing them!

  2. You will sure get a lot of use out of the trunk and the rocker. The trunk looks amazing! You will have plenty of storage room in there. I've used my glider for almost 10 years, but I never had an ottoman to go with it. You're probably already enjoying putting your feet up after a tiring day of packing.

    I'm so happy for you!

  3. Very nice! I love the fabric on the trunk. It has a nice vintage-y look to it.

    The cushions on your rocker look to be exactly the same print as the ones on my glider. I have also had this for quite a few years and it had gotten really creaky. Mr. T tightened things up on it (finally!) and it is now in the little sitting area I created at the top of our stairs.

    A friend who downsized to a motor home gave me her glider rocker --much nicer than mine -- and that's in the living room. It's a deep blue, and I had felt that wouldn't "go" in our more earth-toned living room. But it actually blends in quite nicely -- I have a lodge-themed throw that includes blue sky along with the other outdoorsy/woodsy elements, and it ties everything together well.

    All that to say, there's hope for your trunk fabric "going" with the rest of your living room. Adds interest, as you said.

    Thanks for sharing these blessings with us!

  4. Susan,
    That's a lovely trunk. I love the shape, and also the fabric in the second picture. The rocker looks very comfy as well. We used to use an old trunk as our coffee table and it was great for storing things like throw blankets. Great finds!

  5. You are very creative! I love what you did. I think it is neat to convert something from trash to treasure! Well done:)

  6. Love the trunk and the rocker. I'm sure the trunk looked pretty with the floral print on top, but I like the fabric you covered it with. Very pretty. It's funny how just a change of fabric can give a whole new look to something, huh?


  7. I love the rocker! Those gliders are so nice and the trunk turned out great!

  8. Amen Sis!! The trunk looks wonderful and the rocker looks just like the one I got for my hubby several years ago. I have recovered it though. That rocker you got looks brand new. Isn't Freecycle just wonderful!! I love it!

  9. Glad you are getting neat things for your new place.

  10. They both look great! Good for you. (o:

  11. oood job on the truck. I love the different shape and the fabric you used. The rocker looks almost new. What blessings.

  12. Thank you all for loving my goodies the Lord blessed me with this week! I am in love with that trunk! LOL I just put all our blankets in it this evening, adn I love it. The chair is over there in the corner, but I haven't had much of a chance to sit in it and relax. Maybe tomorrow!


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