Friday, April 13, 2007

Too Much!

There's just been too much spoiling of this Mama going on this week! It all culminated tonight, when my family took me out to eat to celebrate my birthday. That's all I had asked for - just take the whole family out to eat. So that's what we did. We went to one of my favorite restaurants, and we did the whole nine yards - appetizer, meal, and dessert. The kids smuggled presents into the house and then into the car and then into the restaurant . . . and I was surprised. Actually, it's a little scary how sneaky they can all be! ;)

I just discovered Willow Tree figurines. Don't ask me why I never really looked at them before, but now that I have, I LOVE them! And tonight a set of figurines showed up at the restaurant! They are the Love, Joy, and Peace set, and I've already fallen in love with them. I even have a place planned for them in our new house! Those were from Andrew and Beth together. Samuel gave me a gift card to Christopher & Banks, my absolute favorite clothing store (and where I only buy on sale!). And Wes gave me two new pairs of earrings, a set of hoops and a set of drops. I'm feeling pretty spoiled tonight! Thank you to my sweet family; they put up with a lot, but I'm glad they still love me!

I am truly thankful for the years the Lord has given me, and I hope He'll choose to give me a whole bunch more!


  1. Happy Birthday, Susan! Sounds like you were definitely spoiled. I thought of you at some point during the day and wondered what you were doing to celebrate.

    I have one of the Willow Trees - a man and woman hugging - I think it's the anniversary or love one because we got it for our 25th. Hannah has a little flute girl one - very cute! And I'm not sure if you read Debi's blog or not (Just as I Am); this past Christmas she posted the Nativity set of Willow Tree that she decorates with. It was wonderful! I loved it...until I checked the price of the entire set!

    Wes picked out some neato earrings - love the hoops. And you'll have a grand time shopping at your favorite store. Enjoy!!!
    I think you needed a treat like this right in the middle of your move!

  2. Happy birthday!!! Hope you had a wonderful, wonderful day! =)

  3. Susan, Happy Birthday! Our DD just started collecting Willow Tree and I adore their simply lines...just right in our busy lives!

    I think you will have a smooth move into your new home, from all your to keep our fingers crossed for some sunny weather that day!

  4. Hey Susan,
    Happy birthday!!

    Sounds like you had a wonderful brithday, thank the Lord for good families.

    Hey I love Christopher & Banks, been there twice in the last 2 weeks. :0)

    Willow Tree Figurines are way too cute. I love 'em.

    Happy birthday!!

  5. I'm late with the wish, but couldn't mean it more....Happy Birthday dear Susan!!!

    Your family is not spoiling you, they are just showing you how much the love and appreciate you. Such lovely gifts, thanks for sharing them!

  6. Birthday Blessings to you, Susan!

    Christopher & Banks is my favorite store, too. I really wish they had an online catalog because it is a loooong way to the nearest store.

    You deserve the royal treatment!!

  7. One of my many angels is a Willow Tree Angel. She is praying and holding a dove in her hand. Hopefully you'll take a picture when you get you're placed in your new digs. It's wonderful to feel loved.

  8. P.S. Forgot to say Christopher Banks is my favorite store, too....on sale items!!!

  9. Happy Birthday! Glad you had such a fun one! Christopher & Banks is my husband's favorite place to buy me casual clothes too!

  10. Thank you all for your warm Birthday wishes!!! I'm still getting phone calls today - now how spoiled is that?!! I wasn't going to keep the Willow Tree figurines out, since we're moving so soon, but I just couldn't resist! I put them up on the empty shelf in our dining room, and I'll take them down next week. They are directly across from me when I sit at the table, and I just love looking at them every time I eat or sit down there. And I'm wearing a pair of my earrings today!

    Wes and I are going down to grocery shop next Thursday, so I'm going to try to bribe him or something to get him to let me go to Christopher and Banks! ;) Sam said the lady told him they were having a 70% off sale right now. Be still my heart! LOL


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