Sunday, April 08, 2007

Sunday in Review - April 8, 2007

Happy Easter Sunday! As soon as I remembered this was Easter this morning, even before I was awake fully, I thanked the Lord for conquering death so that I might live forever. How precious is that gift to me!

We had a good service today, but it was our only service. Our rec centre closes early on holiday weekend Sundays, so we aren't having our evening service. Our family is just relaxing this afternoon and evening. Wes is taking a Sunday afternoon nap for the first time in months! He usually spends Sunday afternoon putting the finishing touches on his Sunday evening sermon. I'm glad he got the chance to take a nap, especially since I see to it that I get mine every week!

The couple who visited last week were back today. They have corresponded with Wes a bit this past week, and they have said we can drop by to see them sometime. We also had a young lady join our church this morning! She has been coming faithfully for several months and decided to become a member of our church. My Sunday school kiddos were back today after a couple of weeks out. It was fun to get back into Sunday school class with them. They were excited that David was finally crowned king of Israel after years of waiting. The application was to wait for God to promote you and bring His will to pass in your life. I had never thought of that till this lesson. David waited for years just to become king of Judah, then waited seven more years to become king of all Israel. He had refused to force himself into reign, choosing instead to wait on God's timing. What a valuable lesson for all of us, and something I hope the children will remember as they grow up!

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  1. So glad that Easter was such a good day! Happy moving!


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