Monday, April 02, 2007

Sunday in Review - April 1, 2007

We had a great time yesterday with our former pastor preaching! It was so good to hear him again and be reminded of why we had loved our home church to start with. Of course, the men had already met Bro. Mickey, and then our ladies all got to meet him yesterday. We were just missing one family of our regular attenders. We had two first-time visitors, a man and wife, who drove about 8 miles to get there. That's unusual, based on what we've learned about how people think about going to church here. Most people go to whatever church is in their neighborhood (I guess it's that way everywhere, now that I think about it), and we've had a really hard time getting people to come and visit who live outside the immediate area of the rec centre. Anyway, when they told me where they lived I mentioned that they had driven a long way, to which they replied that they have driven farther and we were the closest to them. Now, that's saying a lot without saying a lot. If they are looking for an independent, fundamental Baptist church specifically and we are the closest, then that tells us exactly what they're looking for. It also says that they are willing to drive a little bit to find what they're looking for. Wes and I have lived long distances from church several times and it's never been an issue for us to drive a little to get to church. We like to see that in others. Anyway, they didn't stay for our dinner, but they did say that they liked what they heard yesterday morning.

Another funny . . . we seem to have funny things happening to us all the time. First, a little history to set the scene. Bro. Mickey has hated cell phones ringing in church ever since they became common for people to carry. He has even stopped the sermon when a phone rings during the service and wait for the person to shut it off. I would be horribly embarassed for my cell phone to ring during a service, he has ingrained it in me so thoroughly to make sure it's turned off. So yesterday, he's preaching along, and a cell phone rings. It's a sharp beeping ring tone, one I knew I'd heard recently. In fact, I'd heard it at my house Thursday night while he was visiting with us. Then the look on his face . . . when he realized . . . it was HIS OWN phone ringing! Oh, it was absolutely, positively, gorgeously priceless!!!!! Wes and I looked at each other and burst out laughing, Bro. Mickey grabbed the phone out of his pocket and turned it off, laughing all the time, and our kids were laughing - all while our people must have been wondering what on earth we were so tickled about. If they only knew how much Bro. Mickey hates cell phones ringing in church! He gave himself a hard time, then gave me a hard time later. He said it grieved him that I had shown so much pleasure in his calamity. I said I was just glad it happened here, so I could see it firsthand, instead of having to hear about it from someone else! ;) Oh, a couple of the teens now say that they can't hear my southern accent quite as much after hearing Bro. Mickey! ;) Yay!!!

We enjoyed our potluck dinner. We have an ethnically diverse church, so we have ethnically diverse potlucks. Our dishes ranged from chicken potpie to pansit (an Asian noodle dish) to sushi. I still haven't had the courage to try sushi with fish in it; I've only tried the kind with vegetables in it in place of the fish, and I didn't like that. One lady brought a sugar-free apple crumble that was delicious. Her husband has recently been diagnosed with diabetes. I brought some of that home with me - I love having desserts! In other churches we've been in, potlucks didn't go over well, with never enough food. Here, though, we praise the Lord that we can say "potluck" and everybody just piles on the food. I especially like that we get the international flair with ours too!

Well, that was our Sunday. I almost forgot - we had a few snowflakes yesterday morning, then it snowed enough last night to lay on the ground this morning. On April 1st!! That was fun, but I'm glad it's warm enough to melt it.


  1. Wow, sounds like you had a good Sunday!

    The cell phone incident is HILARIOUS! I would have been laughing right along with you! We went to a wedding and the groom's cell phone went off. LOL

  2. I'm glad that you had a good service yesterday.

    I can relate to the cell phone story. My FIL has been known to stop in the middle of his sermon and start preaching about cell phones being turned on in God's house! LOL! He has an announcement put in the bulletin each week as a reminder for folks to turn them off.

  3. Once we were having return missionaries share some of their experiences when a cell phone went off, and without missing a trick the missionary said "I sure hope that that is God calling" to which we all burst out laughing!!

  4. I have always felt that God had a great sense of humor. Your post proved it. He used it to teach also. To be preaching and have your own go off is priceless. I don't like cell phones but they have a purpose.

  5. LOL, love the cell phone story! I'm so jealous that you has pancit AND sushi! Guess it's a good thing that God called you to Canada and not Japan, LOL :P

  6. We use to have a pastor that when a cell phone would go off he'd stop and say "Answer that and find out why they aren't in church".

  7. Hi Susan,
    I thoroughly enjoyed that story!
    It was a great start to my day!


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