Wednesday, April 04, 2007

A Special Treasure

Sharon at Keeper of the Home has nominated me for The Thinking Blogger Award! I am honored that Sharon considered me a blogger who makes her think, although I don't see how! I just write. Nothing more. You were so sweet to think of me, Sharon, and I deeply appreciate it!

The rules for this award dictate that I tag five other bloggers who make me think. This is going to be hard! There are so many that I enjoy. So let's see . . .

Cheryl at Copperswife's Xanga is a favorite blogging friend. I just recently found her blog, and I'm finding that she writes helpful, encouraging, and informative entries that challenge me to be a better wife, mother, and homemaker.

Prairie Frog Blog is the online journal of an old online friend, Dell. I knew her vaguely when we were members of the MOMs forum at the Maxwell Family's Titus 2, and I met her again when she joined another online forum in which I'm involved. Her blog tells of her day-to-day homeschooling adventures and simple rural life. She makes me wish I could go back and raise my children all over again! Dell and her husband are raising their children simply, and I get a lot of joy out of seeing how sweet, innocent, and content their children are.

A Day in the Life of a Preacher's Wife is written by Julie Fink . . . a preacher's wife! I love Julie's blogs - yes, she has more than one! - because she writes in a way that inspires me. She doesn't just tell you the things that make her look good; she also includes accounts of her human nature and how the Lord has taught her and helped her grow - she's real, y'all, and I like that. She teaches through her blog, but she doesn't do it in a way that makes her seem like a know-it-all. She also has a way cute grandbaby! ;)

Another blog I enjoy is Tammy's Recipes, by Tammy, of course! ;) She features recipes that are easy to make and include ingredients that I am likely to have on hand, emphasizing healthy foods and ingredients. And she throws in some good homemaking tips to boot!

Finally, Rita of The Jungle Hut has already received this award from someone else, but I just can't leave her out. Her blog posts have broadened my vision of world politics (I'm not very political at all!), touched my heart with the reality of mission work in the jungle, and made me laugh with her Jungle Jollies. I love this blog!

Now, if your blog is one that I've just mentioned, you've been tagged to write your own blog entry tagging five bloggers who make you think! I probably could have named 20 blogs - or more - but the rules said five - so there you go!


  1. Susan, thanks for the mention! You are very kind. :) How in the world is it possible to narrow it down to FIVE blogs, though?! :P :D

  2. WOW! Thanks so much. Am I allowed to pick 5 more? This is fun!

  3. Tammy, I sat here looking through my Bloglines over and over, trying to narrow it down to five!

    Rita - yes! Do 5 more!

  4. Thanks for the kind words, and even more for your kind thoughts! I have enjoyed getting to know you through this blog thing and I have enjoyed the blogs that you recommend as well. May God bless you as you inspire and encourage others.

  5. Hat's off to you and now I'll go read the one's you named because I'm not familiar with any of them except Jungle Mom. Happy Risen Lord's Day!

  6. Congratulations Susan! Some of your favorite blogs are my favorites too! : )

  7. Ur Blog and the ones You have mentioned are very nice ..

    Thanks for sharing..
    I have even aded ur blog link on my blog!!!

    Good Day!

  8. Congratulations!
    Have a blessed Resurrection Sunday!

    ~ Christina


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