Sunday, April 15, 2007


This is not my regular Sunday-in-Review post. That will come later this evening. I do have something I need to tell you though. Actually, I don't need to tell you, but my family has laughed about this all day, so I figured you might get a chuckle of two out of it. At my expense. Today's your lucky day.

Our Stewardship Revival started today with Evangelist Randy Chovan, accompanied by his wife and their young son. This morning, I was down in my Sunday school room, setting up my table, flannelboard, prizes, game . . . when I realized I didn't have my flannelgraph pieces to tell the story. This is where the trouble started. I didn't figure I could drive back home and be back in time to start, so I just figured I would wing it without the pieces. I could have kicked myself for not putting those pieces in my bag last night, too. I was sure I had everything.

I walked down to the room we use for the service, and found that the Chovans had arrived. I shook hands with them and began talking to Mrs. Chovan. Sam asked if he needed to go get the flannelgraph pieces, so I explained to Mrs. Chovan that I had forgotten my flannelgraph and figured I'd just act out the story.

Are you ready for this?

Mrs. Chovan: "What is the story today?"

Me: "David and Bathsheba."

I realized immediately that I had just told this mother whose small son was going to be in my Sunday school class that I would be acting out the story of David's sin with Bathsheba. Yes, ma'am, I am the cool, calm, have-it-all-together pastor's wife. I have a solution to every problem. Got a difficult story for your Sunday school kids, full of sinful decisions and behavior? Just act it out!

For the record, Sam went home and got my flannelgraph pieces, and the story went fine . . . although Mrs. Chovan did choose to come in my class. Hmmm. I wonder why?!!


  1. LOL - I keep getting tickled just thinking about it! :oD

  2. Oh my soul! I'm laughing out loud. That is hilarious!!! It's a good thing you were able to get the flannelgraph pieces! ;-)

  3. Every once in awhile we do funny things without even trying. I'm glad Sam could get the flannel graph pieces. Proof again that the good Lord has a sense of humor. My face would still be red.
    But I also know I needed a laugh tonight and the good Lord used you to give it to me. I thank you.
    Did you ever consider changing the lesson?

  4. one of THOSE days!!

  5. Joyce, I never even thought to change the story - I just knew I needed to do something!!! I think I would have just acted out the tamer parts of the story and let the rest . . . rest.

  6. LOL How funny but cute! You could have found yourself in a pickle later during class if you had waited until then to think about the actual actions that took place! God is good!

    But you are moving. so I'm sure things are a little harried right now for you anyway! You are doing alot it seems as you prepare for this move. Such is the life of a pastor's wife!

  7. *That* is too funny! Thanks for the laugh;o)

  8. LOL. This reminds me, I had a good one happen when I was dating my hubby Mike. My folks had a cottage prayer meeting at their house one nite. After the meeting was over & prayer was done my dad & I went to get some sode pop/soft drink to serve everyone. It was called Moonhine & was like Mountain Dew. I think it had a picture of a hillbilly on the front of it. So we excused ourselves to get the drinks. When my dad opened up the drinks outta the bottle (They had just come out wih the 2 liter bottle back then), the bottle exploded & drink went spewing all over the kitchn & we had to quickly move the bottle to the sink & then clean it up.

    We came back to serve the drinks to everyone & when we did I announced that I had gotten some Moonshine for everyone & sorry it took so long but the Moonshine had exploded when we opened up the bottles. LOL. Everyone is looking at me strange even the preacher. & THe Preacher was from WV and my hubby is from a hillbilly area of KY so you can imagine what they were thinking. I then realized oops they don't know it's soda pop/soft drinks. LOL. They were looking so strangely at the glasses of drinks lol. So we had to explain. My hubby & I got a good laugh outta that lol...

  9. Life is full of great stories! I have a feeling God gets tickled at us sometimes and laughs. Thanks for sharing and making us laugh!

  10. Anonymous6:47 PM

    Susan, This comment may be too little, too late but I just wanted to assure your readers that you did an excellent job handling the teaching of David and Bathsheba. The reason I joined your class is because my pen exploded ink all over my hands so after I cleaned up, I chose to join in with you rather than reentering the main service! Grace Chovan


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