Thursday, April 05, 2007

I Must Make a Correction

I have been informed that I have been spreading an evil rumor through my blog. Several days ago, I reported that my daughter and her friend had beaten my son in X-Box Hockey. This is an untrue report, and I regret any undue jubilation and/or heartache this untruth may have caused. I stand corrected; my son won the game. Please correct your records to reflect this change (I'm sure you are keeping records, aren't you?). Thank you.

This announcement brought to you on behalf of Andrew


  1. I love being a mom:)! I will make a mental note of the correction!!

  2. Oh how cute! Isn't being a mom fun? We still get to play!

    Susan, I want to personally thank you for the prayers you have offered on behalf of my father. I am deeply touched.

  3. Susan,
    Isn't it amazing what mothers have to do to keep the peace. You brought back memories from years ago. The smile is on my face and I am going to see one of my sons and his wife that I haven't seen since last year today. They are coming for the weekend.

  4. These thins ARE important! Susan, i have not been able to pass on the Thinking Blogger Award, with all that is going on with my Dad. I will get tot it tho! And thanks for your prayers and comment.

  5. Sounds like "Mom" got straightened out real quick. hehe Gotta love these kids and the importance they put on things.

  6. Too funny, Susan! ;o)

    I wanted to wish you and your family a joyful celebration this Resurrection Sunday! Blessings ~


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