Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I Just Have to Add . . .

I know it doesn't matter what people think, but as I was beginning to work here in the house this morning, I happened to think that you might think that all I did yesterday was sew one little curtain panel, and you might be wondering why that's all I did all day when I'm moving later this week. Well, that's not all I did yesterday! LOL I went grocery shopping, cleaned a bathroom, washed, dried, and put away two loads of laundry (including ironing - my biggest obstacle to putting the clothes away!), cooked two meals, and mopped the kitchen floor. After all that is when I began sewing. Then we had the privilege of a sweet visit with a couple who have been visiting our church the past few weeks - one of my favorite things about being in the ministry - visiting!!! Later I watched the last period of the Canucks vs. Stars - and the Canucks won. That's the first time I've ever watched hockey for more than . . . ohhh, say . . . 30 seconds? It was pretty exciting, and I might even watch more. The Canucks are on to Round 2 of the playoffs, this time against the Anaheim Ducks. Now what kind of name is that for a hockey team? Ducks. At least it's fun to say "The Canucks and Ducks!" ;)

So anyway, my pride wouldn't let me leave you thinking I hadn't done a thing other than sew a curtain panel! See? And now I've spent 10 minutes writing a totally unnecessary post.


  1. I am the same way.lol Oh, well, You did good though. Nice seeing you today. connie from Texas

  2. There's not a woman that reads your blog that would assume the ONLY thing you did was sew a curtain. Remember, we are from the gender that knows better :)!

  3. LOL, that's OK, Susan. I never thought for one moment that sewing one panel was all you did. I think I've read your blog enough to know that you keep yourself quite busy! :)


  4. I bet the time has flown by with all the "to-do's"! I hope you'll post some pictures of your new house after your all settled.


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