Wednesday, April 25, 2007

House Pictures

Here are a couple of slideshows of our house. We went over today to freshen it up (there was very little cleaning to do, praise the Lord!) and hang some curtains. The sheers you see in the pics are not the ones I made; they are the ones that were in the house already. The ones I made are right back here tonight, because I neglected to measure them as I made them, and somehow they are 11 - yes, 11 - inches too long! So I'm not finished with them after all. I'm going to cut the extra inches off the top and make a new rod pocket, rather than having to redo the double hems. My drapes look great, other than the deep wrinkles in them. The only way that I can figure to get those out is to wash them and iron them. Wes left them hanging for now, so that we at least have the privacy of covered windows. I think all the work and excitement of the past two weeks have finally caught up with me. I am worn slap out tonight. That's a southern expression that means I just don't have any more energy! I think I'll be going to bed soon and start over tomorrow. Please pray that I can have the energy I need to get this move out of the way and get the townhouse clean after we move out. I know you're praying already, and I thank you for that!

So here are the slideshows. I hope the captions are self-explanatory.


  1. BOO! I can't see the pictures! But, I'm excited for you!

  2. You have truly been blessed with a beautiful house! I love the huge picture window in the living room!

    I am so happy for you!

  3. I like it! That window in front is lovely.
    The yellow isnt's bad. When we first came to CHile, the bathroom fixtures were black!
    (not modern black, yucky black!)
    I love your kitchen. Looks big, and I noticed a dishwasher?


  4. Susan, what wonderful big windows! I love your new house. The rooms look big, too, and I think your yellow bathroom looks quite retro [which I thought was very in right now]. :o) I know you all must be very excited! Praying for you as you come down to the final move days.

  5. Susan, your new home looks so spacious and bright! Moving is a lot of work, but well worth it. BTW...better to have made the curtains too long than too short!

  6. Susan,
    Your house is beautiful. I agree better too long than too short as I know of no good way to add to the panels. Don't let the excitement make you overdo. I want you to enjoy the house not get sick while moving there.

  7. I love the new house especially the hard wood floors and the desk niche. I hope all goes smoothly with the move.

  8. The house is adorable!

  9. Yay! Loved all the pictures! I can't wait to see pictures with everything all moved in! The bathroom IS yellow, but I can imagine it being really cute! Very retro, and retro is in right now!

  10. The house looks so lovely! I love the front room window. (o:

  11. What a beautiful big home the Lord has blessed you with! It's just picturesque!
    You know what would go well with that yellow bathroom? Since it's not like a dark yellow, you can always use light blue and light pink decorations, like pastel would look really nice I think. :)
    God Bless You and your family!

  12. Looks like a vey spacious house which you will make into a lovely home! I love that window in the formal living room!


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