Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Heard From a Friend

This evening I heard from a friend, Mrs. Grace Chovan. She and her husband were with us last week in our Stewardship Revival. She's staying with another pastor's wife nearby this week, while her husband and that pastor hold a meeting in another city. She called to tell me she had been introduced to my blog (oh my!), and had read my post about acting out David and Bathsheba. I wasn't sure what to think, but she quickly reassured me that she had indeed found it funny, as she hadn't known what I was thinking that morning as I faced the possibility of having to wing it in Sunday school. After we talked a bit and she explained why she had come in my class (I thought she might do that in all the churches they visit, to see if she could be of help in some way), I found this comment on that post, and I wanted to share it with you. I thought it was sweet for her to come and reassure you all that she wasn't checking up on me and what I was teaching her little boy! ;)

Susan, This comment may be too little, too late but I just wanted to assure your readers that you did an excellent job handling the teaching of David and Bathsheba. The reason I joined your class is because my pen exploded ink all over my hands so after I cleaned up, I chose to join in with you rather than reentering the main service! Grace Chovan

Thanks again for your call, Mrs. Chovan! It was so good to talk to you once again, before you head back to The States.

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