Wednesday, April 11, 2007

A Fun Day!

Wes informed me early this morning that he was going to meet someone about 11:00, so I asked if I could ride along (it wasn't urgent or private or anything), and he said yes. So we struck out about 10:40 or so, only meaning to run a couple of errands. We met with the man, then went to the bank and the farm market (produce stand inside the mall), when I remembered that I had reserved some gifts for him to buy and had told the lady that I would pick them up today. I asked Wes if he wanted to go get them while we were out, and he said we might as well. So off to the gift shop we went, and on the way, he took me to lunch! That was a nice unexpected bonus! ;) By the time we finished at the restaurant and went to the gift shop, it was 1:30 or so, and he needed to head home and do some handyman stuff for me (and I just realized how much my honey did for me today - maybe I need to write this stuff down every day so when I want to complain about him, I can see just what he does do for me, just because he loves me). I'll have pictures and the full story of his great accomplishments in another post; you will like it! A nice blessing at the gift shop was that the lady gave us one of our gifts for free, since we were buying them for a church function and we were buying multiples of the same gift! She was very sweet, and we were truly blessed that she did that - we didn't expect it or ask for it!

I just wanted to write about the nice time Wes and I had together. Amidst the church things and moving, sometimes it's easy to lose touch with each other, even though we're together 99.9% of the time. We haven't had a date in a few weeks because of the men's conference and other plans for our regular date night, so it was nice to just be out together and not in a hurry or discussing things of urgency. We were just "Wes and Susan" - which is what we are best at being! :) Part of a good marriage is keeping that couple mentality, and not letting the things we have to do and the busyness of life and the ministry get in the way of just being us.


  1. I LOVE days like you had, Susan! Esp if it includes lunch. :)

  2. Susan, just wanted you to know, I LOVE your blog! I read it almost every day and find lots of inspiration in many different ways. Thanks and keep it up!

  3. Such a good point you make, Susan. It's obvious by the way you write about Wes that you two are still in love after over two decades of marriage :) Keep doing what you're doing, and thanks for the reminder of what's important in married life!

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  6. You are very right, Susan...we should always keep in touch with our coupleness. :) I love my dates with my hubby.


  7. Deb - lunch always adds a nice touch, eh?! ;)

    Sarah, I'm so glad to see you here - thanks for reading!

    Arlene, it sure doesn't feel like we've been married all that long. I remember my mother saying that people commented on her parents acting like newlyweds when they'd been married for 30 years. That's how I want to be!

    Kristi, we love our dates too. We don't get one every single week, but we take every chance we get!

  8. You said: "We were just "Wes and Susan" - which is what we are best at being! :)"
    I loved that!


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