Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Countdown to the Move: Day 7

We have had an incredibly busy day! I can't believe how much we got done, and it's exciting too. Let's see if I can remember everything:

- Wes finished packing up his office, packing six more boxes
- Wes dismantled a utility shelf that he uses as a bookcase
- Andrew packed everything in his and Samuel's room that is unneeded for the next couple of days - two boxes
- Beth packed another box in her room
- Wes broke down our computer network and made it wireless for the next couple of days
- I cleaned the oven and the drawer underneath
- Began cleaning the vent hood
- Repaired hems on drapes covering sliding doors
- Washed and re-hung said drapes (Andrew helped me)
- Beth washed the windows in her and the boys' rooms
- Beth washed sliding doors in the living room
- I finished the sheers for the new house
- I took a nap!

I think that's all. It's been a long day; time to go to bed!


  1. I suppose after all that work y'all did, a nap was feelin' good!!



  2. Yes, ma'am, that nap felt good, and so did lying down in my bed last night! We're back up and running again this morning - bed will feel good tonight too! ;)

  3. I know you are busy with the move, but i am praying it all goes well for you.


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