Sunday, April 08, 2007

Countdown to the Move: Day 23

My bloggy friend Mrs. T uses countdowns to help her meet deadlines, and I just love watching her get things done each day. Some days she reports a lot done, some days just a little, but I'm always impressed that she gets something toward her goal done every single day. With that in mind, I'm going to count down the days till we move into our new house, and give a short report of what we accomplish each day toward our move. Today is 23 days till we officially move in, so that's the number I started with. If countdowns and tiny accomplishments don't thrill you as they do me, then by all means feel free to skip these posts! And thanks for the inspiration, Mrs. T!!!

With no further delay, here's what we accomplished this evening:

- Ordered drapes from JC Penney - in sage
- Packed 8 boxes of books and miscellaneous office supplies, with Beth's help
- Completely cleared out my desk and credenza in preparation for selling them


  1. Good work! Don't forget your health as you get ready to move.

  2. Those 23 days will fly by I'm sure.

  3. I'm just so excited for you! And I think doing the countdown is a great thing to do and I eagerly await each one! (o:


  4. Oh and I looked at your drapes---they will be so pretty. When you get everything moved in and unpacked I hope you'll take some pictures.

    I also wanted to comment on something you said in your original post that announced the new house:

    Then I got to thinking about why I consider those bad points. The main reason is because I watch decorating shows and see "experts" constantly shaking their heads and throwing their hands up in horror over panelling or the wrong color of bathroom fixtures. I have decided that I can work with the colors instead of fighting them, and who cares if there's some panelling on the wall? It gives some character to the house! ;) The point is, I allow my thinking sometimes to be controlled by current fashion instead of looking at the bigger picture. It will not matter in eternity if my bath fixtures were yellow, now will it?

    I think this is SO TRUE!! I think it's the same thing with clothes and hairstyles too.

    This goes to show that even seemingly innocent shows can influence us in a not-so-positive way. (o:

  5. New drapes and new things are so exciting!

  6. Go Susan!

    I'm glad you've found my little countdowns helpful and inspiring. It really does help even if just a little gets done toward the goal each day.

    So excited for you all being able to move to a house!

    God bless,

  7. Sounds like you are doing a good job. I know you must be excited about the move. Have a happy productive week. connie from Texas

  8. Joyce, thank you for thinking of my health! I am taking care of myself; in fact, my next blood tests are due next week, followed by a doctor's appointment.

    Mrs. B, you are so right about the "innocent" TV shows that influence us in ways that are not wrong, as such, but make us think in unbiblical ways - such as we have to have the latest styles in home decor!


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