Monday, April 09, 2007

Countdown to the Move: Day 22

I feel like I was moving in slow motion today! The apartment manager came in to show the townhouse, and the family that looked at it said they'd take it. We're hoping they'll buy our washer and dryer and patio awning too. We won't need them in our new house, and it would be so much easier if the next tenants will just buy them from us so we won't have the hassle of moving them with us just to sell them.

Here's what I accomplished toward our move today:

- Sorted through my fabric stash and patterns
- Offered unwanted fabric on Freecycle
- Packed 5 boxes of books, games, and fabric
- Packed 2 boxes of decorative items
- Took pictures and shelves off the walls downstairs and collected in one place for packing when I get some more packing paper
- Looked at patterns for kitchen valances at Wal Mart (I hope that counts, because it was fun!)


  1. Susan ~ item #2 says "unwanted fabric." Those two words do not jive together in my brain! LOL! How could any fabric be unwanted?!

    Just funnin' ya! I'm enjoying your countdown - great idea for blog posts and interesting for us to see your progress each day. I'm very excited for you!

  2. Good job, Susan! You may have felt as if you were moving in slow motion, but you sure got a lot accomplished!

    My family gave me, some years ago, a magnet which reads "I'm a Fabricholic"! But yes, the time comes when one just has to part with some of it. (Otherwise you will have no room for more!) Check out Carrie's dishcloth valance at Life on a Back Road, if you have time...

  3. Deb, this fabric was **really** bad! LOL I got it through Freecycle from a drama student in Vancouver who had been a costume maker. A lot of it was stuff I would never use, but I thought it would be fun to play with, teach Beth to sew, etc. But I just never got around to it - so out it goes. Don't worry; I still have one of those huge Rubbermaid bins full!

    Mrs. T, I'll go check out the blog you mentioned. I don't think I could be classified as a fabricholic, because my dh won't let me and I've never had the money to just buy it without a specific purpose in mind. Now my Granny . . . she was a different story! How I'd love to have her stash now!


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