Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Countdown to the Move: Day 20

Although today was busy running errands with Wes, I still managed to get some things done toward our move! Here's what I accomplished today:

- Packed 3 boxes of decorative items - these are small boxes, but I still didn't realize I had SO many little bitty decorative things.
- Took Beth to buy the bedspread she fell in love with last week. Last week it wasn't on sale. We both prayed about it till she got her money, then went back, and it was 40% off! She bought the bedspread set and a throw for the price she would have paid for the spread alone last week.
- Worked on wicker trunk.

Not a lot done, but at least a little. I'm still busy with getting school reports ready to be turned in Friday.


  1. What a blessing for your Beth, and for you. God is really smiling on you guys :o) Makes me :o) too!!!!

  2. OH! I am so behind on my packing. Two weeks till we load the container!

  3. Rita! Get crackin' down there!

    Penless - the Lord was good indeed to my Beth. I love it when my kids see their own answers to prayer!


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